1. NO! That is just wrong. Growing your own veggies, is about eating real food. Those do not look real. I wonder how much the veggie heats up inside that thing? Would it encourage disease? Even if it would protect my tomatoes from being eaten by chipmunks, which it looks like it would, I still no find it creepy.

  2. No. It reeks of marketing/point-of-purchase/impulse buy and nothing else. It’s the kind of thing you would never know you “needed” until you saw a cute display in a store and suddenly “had” to have one, because “OMG, I’ve never seen anything like that before!” Creating a sense of need where none existed before is the essence of (the wrong kind of) marketing: commodification for its own sake, with nothing valuable to offer in exchange. Not that I have strong feelings about it or anything.

  3. Hey, how about we take these fossils that are millions of years old, and turn them into a product that will go into the trash in six months? Brilliant!

  4. Something I might try in my school garden, but not at home. The kids would surely get a kick out of it. I could also see it used by those who supply a lot of veggies to caterers & restaurants that want a special look for various events. It’s not a new idea – hasn’t Japan done something like this for years with melons & such to make them easier to pack ? And some books on gourds demonstrate various ways to create your own veggie molds.

    Not new or novel – unless it goes mass-market.

  5. A bridge party with a spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds crudité platter might be fun. Actually, any weirdly shaped veggie garnish would be cause for comment. Ok, yes, I confess, I’d like to try it out.

  6. I’ve always liked these types of kitchy things like a cucumber grown in a coke bottle. But 10 dollars for basically a chocolate mold? How many do you get for $10?

  7. yeah, what Li’l Ned said:
    that’s just mean!

    Like veggie foot binding!

    and PLASTIC?!just going entirely in the wrong direction…

  8. i think it would be fun, but not for $10. $1, maybe, for the right shape.

    jeez, it’s just for a couple vegetables, not an entire plot. but yes, it is useless plastic frippery, and all those useless little plastic bobbles do add up. got it.

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