1. Huh. Could be useful for deck/patio gardeners certainly. Or those who want herbs, etc in the midst of winter, but don’t always want to see that indoor garden.

    But I see it more as being a wonderful boon to disabled & homebound gardeners who still want to garden, but simply can’t get to the garden. Could be therapeutic & life-extending, bringing back a joyful part of their lives feared lost forever. I’ve actually been looking for something like this for my Mom, a lifelong gardener now tethered to the house by an oxygen tank. It would definitely lift her spirits.

  2. What strikes me is the portability; the container garden ON WHEELS. You could move the garden around with the sunlight, which might be useful if all you have is a tiny patio or balcony to garden on with limited exposure. If there’s a heat wave, you can move it into the shade temporarily; or even move it so half is in shade, half in the sun, depending on what you’re growing in there. Heck, when you go on vacation, you could wheel the garden to your neighbor’s to care for while you’re gone! I like this idea.

  3. I like the idea, but it’s white. White plus dirt. It’s going to get grubby-looking in a hurry and end up in a landfill. Plus it’s plastic, and plastic doesn’t age well.

  4. I agree that this kind of thing is a real boon for those with limited mobility. I’ve seen more decorative models for around $500.

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