This Photo Makes Our Day


Bob & Janet in the Colocasia

Thank you, thank you, to Bob and Janet Hill at Hidden Hill Nursery in Utica, Indiana for sending us this photo of Colocasia gigantea. Here's their caption:

Bob and Janet are shown discussing if the colocasia should get into politics, professional basketball, the green wine industry or a whole new concept in outdoor furniture. The plant was in a one-gallon container this April. Now it needs its own building permit.


  1. For Colocasias in my zone 9 climate to get out of this world huge I have to feed them a steady diet of fertilizer.
    They are not discriminatory. They prefer and respond best to hard core Miracle Grow ( though never get on the leaves or they will burn )
    That’s a bit of a deal breaker for me so I stick to Maxsea and liberal amounts of compost and appreciate them for their average normal zone 9 size.


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