Timber’s Cool Pick? Andrew Beckman as Editorial Director


Well, an intriguing press release showed up yesterday at GardenRant headquarters about Timber Press's pick of Andrew Beckman to lead their editorial team. (Friend of Rant Tom Fischer will be working with  Andrew as acquiring editor.)

Now about who Andrew IS.  You don't have to be a garden-publishing insider to recognize names like Martha Stewart – he was her uber-gardening editor and actually her gardener, too.  His duties have spanned various media, too – co-hosting Martha's radio show and contributing to her blog, et cetera, et cetera.  All while working in New York's Hudson Valley as a landscape architect and running Loomis Creek Nursery with partner Bob Hyland.  (Here's a bit more about Andrew.)

I chatted with Andrew just now, hoping for a tip-off about what new direction he'll be taking Timber in but really, it's probably a year too soon to ask that and expect an answer.  Or about an even more interesting subject to me – what changes we'll be seeing at Timber in their use of new and social media.  (Remember the recent video the staff did at our prodding?  Okay, we like these people.)

But Andrew DID answer, definitively, my question about whether they'd be starting a new nursery in Portland, Oregon, where they'll be moving for Andrew's new job. "NO."  So, where Bob will be using his considerable horticultural talents is yet to be discovered.

But speaking of their nursery, I loooove the website and learned that it was done partially in-house – by the website design team of Bob with their friend Margaret Roach. Small world, huh?

You'll also learn from their website that their philosophy is to "push gardening boundaries" using an "artful and ecologically sound approach" with "adventurous gardeners" – love it!  As the newest arrivals on Portland's horticultural scene, I bet they'll fit right in.



  1. Just as long as Timber keeps acknowledging that the intermountain west is a distinct and separate gardening region that requires a unique gardening literature, I’m fine with whatever changes they bring.

  2. Nobody is sadder about this than I am: I have known these two forever and they are my dearest neighbors and collaborators. Sigh.

    And yes, when I am not writing and gardening I make WordPress websites for clients. I know, a weird combo of interests, but it keeps me off the streets.

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