About the GardenRant Cocktail Hour


Gardenrant cocktail logo The GardenRant Cocktail Hour, hosted by Elizabeth Licata and Amy Stewart, isn’t actually an hour long—it’s more like ten minutes.  But the rest of the name is accurate: there’s always cocktails, gardens, and ranting.  For each episode, we mix a drink and have a chat about serious and non-so-serious horticultural matters.

While the format varies slightly from episode to episode, we usually host our cocktail hour on Skype and record it with Vodburner.  Every episode is posted on YouTube and here on GardenRant.

We favor botanical-themed cocktails, but we’re always looking for anything new and interesting to sample and share with our readers—not to mention charming and interesting guests!

Contact Amy Stewart at:


Or Elizabeth at:


And for more drinking + gardening, get a sneak preview of Amy’s forthcoming book at The Drunken Botanist