Self-Seeded Pansies, November 22, 2009



Re Elizabeth's post below: I was very struck by this scene in an alley in Saratoga Springs, NY last Thanksgiving.  Pansy seed that had obviously dropped from the window box above yielded a sweet row of blooms at a moment when the rest of the plant world was in retreat.

Clearly, this is a very protected spot, warmed by all the masonry, but still, really an impressive performance on the part of the pansies.

Maybe instead of asking us to put frail seedlings with frail roots into the ground in fall–just in time for frost heave!–the Icicle Pansy people should be selling us seed.


  1. I may be wrong, but aren’t these Johnny Jump Ups, or violas, not actually pansies? They will self seed everywhere, which can be very useful, or sometimes a little annoying in the wrong spots. And very good in salads.

  2. Lisa, pansies were bred from violas. These are definitely not Johnny Jump-ups or another species viola. They are window-box pansies.

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