What the World Needs Now: Thoughtful, Interesting Garden Events That Don’t All Happen in Spring.


I was very excited about The Late Show Gardens, a new sort of garden show invented right here in northern California and deliberately scheduled for fall, which is exactly the right time for a garden show, in my view.  It's held outdoors, during prime planting season for serious gardeners in our climate, and it incorporates interesting art, thought-provoking seminars, and other such wonders.  (To keep the thing alive, they're looking for sponsors for 2011. If you're in a position to help sponsor the event, go check that out.)


And now comes Pacific Horticulture's Gardening Under Mediterranean Skies VIII: Style & Whimsy in the Sustainable Garden, scheduled for Sept 23-26 in Pasadena, CA. Each day includes seminars in the morning at a botanical garden, followed by an al fresco lunch and bus tours of gardens that demonstrate the principles the speakers are discussing.

You can sign up for individual workshops for as little as $30, or get on board for the whole deal for a few hundred bucks.  Various sorts of professionals can get continuing education credits.

I'll put more of the schedule below just to give you a taste of what this symposium is all about.  If you're in southern California, do go check it out. 

and if not–are you seeing more of these kinds of events where you live?  Do you think they better meet the needs of gardeners than those spring garden shows in convention centers?  Discuss.

September 23 will be a day for optional activities
(for a separate fee), including tours, workshops and other events. That
evening there will be a panel discussion (free for symposium attendees)
on "The Science Behind a Sustainable Plant Palette," which will be
co-sponsored by the Greater Los Angeles District of the Association of
Professional Landscape Designers (APLD).

September 24-26
will each begin at the L. A. County Arboretum & Botanic Garden with
three dynamic speakers, followed by an al fresco lunch. After this,
attendees will board buses to three different gardens where there will
be a tour and on-site talk by the garden owner(s) and/or designer.

may sign up for one, two or three lecture/tour days (there will be a
discount for attending all 3 days). The symposium will also include
plant vendors and book signings.


  1. Hey, is Guest Rant week over? I received an email saying mine would be used, but it hasn’t been posted yet… and now there’s no guest rant today… and now I feel kinda sad.

  2. It probably won’t happen, but what I would love to see is a Winter garden tour in my area. I always read about how certain plants can add visual interest to a garden in Winter, but I would like to see this in person, especially after a snow. Hard to schedule in advance, I guess!

  3. It just so happens that the West Asheville Garden Stroll is tomorrow. http://www.westashevillegardens.com/ This is its second year so it is still fairly new, but given time it could rival Buffalo’s Garden Walk in attendance and positive impacts on the community.

    Because I volunteered and because I blogged it last year, I’m the “official” photographer this year, ha. I’ll do my best and keep my fingers crossed. http://outsideclyde.blogspot.com/2009/09/west-asheville-garden-stroll-part-3.html

    So if you are anywhere near the hip, happy and beautiful city of Asheville, NC be sure to come to tomorrow’s Garden Stroll.

  4. I’m with you Amy, I was really disappointed that the Late Show Gardens didn’t happen this fall, and have fears that the inaugural event will also be the swan song.It seemed so well attended last year-in fact the venues were really too small..the vendor booths needed more space and I couldn’t get near the seminars.
    I was at Digging Dog this afternoon, and the borders there were spectacular, we could all learn more about 4 season interest.,

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