Calling All CraftyPersons


So there's been a discussion on Facebook with a certain artistic garden writer about how she really must make her beautiful artwork available for sale as holiday cards. She's promised us that she will, and that got me thinking:  Who else makes cool stuff that holiday shoppers might want to know about?

In particular:

Garden photographers, artists, etc with 2011 calendars to sell

Or greeting cards to sell (especially with a winter/holiday theme)

Fabulous handmade garden-ish gifts on Etsy, eBay, or your own site

Etc, etc.  If you make it, we want to flaunt it!

Post a link to your online store in the comments and we'll do a holiday round-up soon. If you post a link, we assume we also have permission to grab an image of your stuff and run it here on GardenRant in our post. Feel free to write a little something about what the thing is or how you make it if you feel readers would want to know that.  (i.e, "I make this soap with milk from my own goats and olive oil from my own olive trees."  Could happen, right?)

And if you're not making your wonderful art available for the masses, why not?  Check out Zazzle, CafePress, and Blurb to find out how to put your designs on everything from iPhone cases to yoga mats to coffee table books.


  1. CabinTiger Studio is a new product development company based in Waverly, Alabama, whose mission is to deliver quality products that are useful, inspiring and easy on the wallet. Our anchor product, The Perpetual Gardening Record Book, has received rave reviews from Master Gardeners, career horticulturists and beginning gardeners too! The gardening products feature Lauren Graves’ photography, along with her grandmother Evelyn Corley Buzbee’s gardening quotes. CabinTiger Studio’s Big Holiday Sale is just starting at — thanks for the invite to post about it, and have fun shopping!

  2. Hey thanks for doing this! Here’s what I have:

    Find one-of-a-kind and unusual miniature garden accessories from the Janit Calvo of Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center on Etsy. Great ideas for the mini, fairy or terrarium garden ~ or have a little garden fun on your windowsill or desk at work. Items rotate so check back often:

  3. is THE marketplace for handcrafted garden items. Pottery, tools, garden gear, soaps, birdhouses, manure tea.

    And we’ve got an interesting lineup of artists from botanists who weld on the weekends to organic gardeners making their own luscious soaps.

    All handmade. Feel free to grab handfuls of images!

  4. Wow, it’s generous of you to help promote “garden” art. I’ve been doing gourd art and selling it for several years and just recently started selling on Etsy. I grow some of the gourds I use but most come from a family farm. I started in gourd art because I grew some one year and then had to figure out what to do with them. That simple beginning started a small business. The deal is: how many gourds can you have around your house before they overwhelm you. So now I am the owner, bookkeeper, saleswoman and creator of Mesquite Gourds. (I live in the desert, so that’s where the Mesquite comes from. No gourds don’t grow on mesquite trees, a question I’m asked frequently. The first time I was asked that, I was completely baffled by it, but since then I’ve found out how little people know about plants.) Anyway my site is

    After Thanksgiving I will have more posted for the holiday season.

    I’ve been reading Garden Rant for about two years and just love it. I’ve used ideas I’ve gotten from the rants to write articles for a Master Gardener newsletter I do. Keep up the ranting, it’s a refreshing antidote to some of the silliness I see when it comes to gardening. It starts my morning on a happy note!

  5. Thanks for the offer to share our work. My son (who lives in Missouri) and I (here in Galveston) have a small business that specializes in photo cards of natural and built environments (no people). My contributions are all photos taken on Galveston Island, and many of them are of flowers from my garden. My son’s photos are all of Missouri wildflowers.

  6. Hi. Thanks for the offer. I create a variety of metalwork for the home and garden, using primarily found objects and recycled materials. My studio is called Fossil Forge, which is located in my sculpture/nature park called Fossil Gardens. I just finished a large bird feeding station that is really pulling in the birds. Check out

  7. Good Morning it was suggested to me this morning by @NCoastGardening to post my web site and information about Authentic Haven Brand, premium soil conditioner teas to your GardenRant craft section for review. So here we go

    I’m proud to say that Authentic Haven Brand is a hand harvested, hand packaged garden soil by-product from Haven raised livestock only.

    We offer our Cow, Horse and Alfalfa teas online and Wholesale for Green minded garden growers.

    I would consider it an honor to have Authentic Haven Brand listed in your hand made gift for the Christmas Season section.

    Over the past several years our Sampler 3 Gift Pack “Stylishly Wrapped” has become a Stocking Stuffer hit!

  8. HI!
    My friend Betsy sent me over…she and I sell together at the local Farmers Market. She grows and sells flowers and plants at the market alongside me! I make and sell 100% vegetable old fashioned soaps. I sell at Farmers markets, yearound (we now have indoor winter markets here in Maine) as well as selling at craft fairs, wholesale and online.
    Please visit my website: and my blog
    to learn more about me and my soaps.

    I also sell a gardeners scrub soap which is a lemon verbena fragrance with lots of cornmeal and poppy seeds for scrubbing hardworking garden hands:

    Thanks for the invitation to post and feature small businesses.

    Shannon Grauer ~ Owner & Soap Maker
    Casco Bay Soap Co.
    Freeport, MAINE

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