Creasy’s Edible Landscaping gets blockbuster treatment!


Good lord, what writer wouldn’t give their first born for this kind of coverage in the Washington Post?  But I think it’s proof that even a (probably) nongardening editor at the Post can be convinced that this book is important, and I agree.  Congrats to Ros and also to Adrian Higgins for doing the convincing – and for getting to see Ros’s garden in person.  Click here for the online (and less impressive-looking) version of the story.


  1. I am happy you are mentioning this super article from the Post. I think I’ll be converting a large part of my already small lawn into a vegetable/ornamental garden.
    Check out today’s Washington Post. More gardening books and Ruth Kassinger is mentioned with Paradise under Glass.

  2. And totally, a tip of the hat to Adrian Higgins for an engaging and insightful article. I emailed it to my most loved clients… the ones who appreciate the value of incorporating their dinner into the landscape!

  3. So lovely and gratifying to see Ros get this kind of publicity! And it speaks well for all of us that the direction Ros has advocated for our gardens is finally taking root in a mainstream way.

  4. Loved the idea of erasing the line that separates edibles and ornamentals. Quite clear in the article. Thanks so much for letting us in on this great WP article. I loved reading it.

  5. This year I turned my front yard into a vegetable garden along with fruit and berries. We have had many people come and comment on what a great idea it is. I highly recommend trying it out, especially if you don’t have the space in the back yard. You can see pics at

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