Jon Stewart is No Gardener


Jon-stewart-500 He's the comedian-philosopher who Rallied to Restore Sanity, and I actually saw him – with the aid of some binoculars.  (You can click here to see my pathetic photos of the event, though I prefer this much closer shot taken on Halloween of 2009.)  Or click here to see my companion's photos – she was more daring than I was stopping people for shots. 

But on the subject of gardening, Jon's opening remarks on the Mall actually touched on the subject.  He mentioned the sad state of the Mall and urged rally-goers to leave it as IMG_4369they found it – no littering!  Then he upped the ante, saying we should leave the Mall even better than we found it – with some topiary!  So let's pause to imagine this topiary surviving the next Million Something-or-Other March and remember that Jon's an apartment-dweller in Mahattan.

One more on-topic item from the Rally is about the National Lawn.  As it  happens, two prime chunks of it were roped off from the frustrated throngs packed like Tokyo subway-riders on all sides, desperate to get close enough to see or hear something.  Anything.  So no doubt the lawn needed reseeding, but never was a lawn cursed by so many.  IMG_0842-1


  1. I thought his reference to gardening and his encouragement of the landscapers in the audience to whip up a few topiaries was hilarious! I enjoyed your post. I’m amazed that people respected the rope and didn’t fill into the space. There is hope for this country yet!

  2. When Jon asked “Are there any landscapers here?” about 500 hundred hands (as far as I could see around me, at least) went up. Weirdly slanted demographic, or people just wanting to raise their hands in a large crowd?

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