First-ever rap video about organic dairy farming


This rap commercial for an organic dairy in England is great – except for one flaw that I couldn't stop noticing.  The female in the video looks like a model, not someone you can imagine getting dirty, like the outdoorsy-looking men.  Via Grist.


  1. I enjoyed the owl inner city youth neck movement and the low rider tractor moves.

    Yep. A fat, ugly madam, bra burner from Appalachia would have been more credible.

    Which bring this inquiry:
    Why have I not found a BLACK blog about gardening, horticulture or anything related NOT ONE. I four years.

  2. That was wonderful. And for all the comments about the “farmers” not looking real… who cares? I know what cow poop looks like — I’d rather see clean-cut guys making farming look sexy. 😉

  3. I was so intrigued, I checked out Yeo’s web site where, among other things, they have a video about the making of this commercial.
    Oh, and the owl’s name is Ted.

  4. I disagree – I love the fact the woman has “model” good looks. I’m bored with the whole cliche that if you’re fashionable with nice hair and wear make-up you’re not green-worthy or couldn’t possibly be interested in organic gardening. Ugh.

    I just interviewed a young woman where I work. She had arguably model good looks and was arguably fashionable. When she finished her apple, she asked about the remaining core, “Where can I put this for composting?”


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