Wicked Bugs: The Video


If you want to read the book, you’re going to have to wait until May 2011. (Actually, I’m sure we’ll give away some galleys before then.  Garden bloggers, start your engines! More soon on that.)

But for now, I’m happy to share the Wicked Bugs cover and the official Wicked Bugs video!

I’m lucky to have a brother in the film industry who not only has the skills and the technology to make a video, but who also understands the difference between a book and a three-minute video. He gets all the credit for this thing; I just showed up and did what I was told.

This one was a hoot to put together.  I was sitting in front of a green screen in his childrens’ bedroom, which had been mostly emptied of its toddler beds and toy boxes for the shooting of the video.  I had a general idea of what sort of footage might be behind me in the final video, but for the most part, my job was to sit there and read off the news, which is about all I’m capable of doing in front of a camera anyway, having no idea how the whole thing would look in the end.

He gets most of the credit for the script, too. As you can imagine, for the entire weekend we walked around saying, “You ever feel a tickle up your nose?  There’s probably maggots in there.” This cracked us up, and the four year-olds in the house liked it, too.

So here it is.  I do hope you will grab the embed code and post it on your own blog, share it on Twitter and Facebook, comment on YouTube, and otherwise share the love!





  1. Hah! I love bugs… but this is making me second guess that affection. It also seems less foolish to maniacally keep flies from landing on me!

    Very entertaining video. I can’t wait for the book to sit next to Wicked Plants on my shelf (a treasured possession — my boyfriend gave it to me last Christmas!)

  2. LOL ! Not a video to watch while sitting in your allergist’s office ! Which I did. Could be maggots.

    Wonderful ! Can’t wait to read it.

  3. That was AWFUL! I mean, that was GREAT! I mean…

    Never mind, you know what I mean. And now I’m itching all over, and I hear gnawing in the walls…

  4. I do think insects are fascinating but now I’m afraid to blow my nose or walk barefoot on a beach. And what Tibs commented – got a chapter on bedbugs? That would be excellent to read in bed — not.

  5. With an ever-growing appreciation for good video and production value, this video is great and so were you. I’m very impressed with all the great historical footage that fit perfectly with this theme. Kudos to you and your brother and I can’t wait for the book. Great topic! Thanks for the fun.

  6. Well, guess I’ll get rid of my books. Was thinking of a career change anyway…. And if I sneeze out a maggot, am I ok then? I’ve had strange stuff coming out lately.

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