Monrovia to Indie Retailers: Buy Some Plants! Now!


This just inMonrovia, facing a serious cash crunch, has asked garden centers to hurry up and order some plants so they can raise the $20 million the banks want to see on their balance sheet by January.  According to the story, the banks also want to see them sell to the big box chains, but Monrovia remains committed to independent garden centers.

Comments?  Responses?  Anyone for a shrubbery?


  1. can we get one big group wholesale order together?

    and BTW who the F do the banks think they are in dictating to a company who they should sell to? if their brand and business plan is all about serving the indie retailer, they’d be shooting themselves in the face to violate that now

  2. actually I am planning a shrubbery in the spring….but since times are perilous financially speaking my shrubbery shall consist of starts from other things in the garden. Lilacs are always sending up new growth, as are the forsythia and hydrangia. I shall go for a Victorian influanced shubbery.

  3. Also, while I fervently agree that the mega-banks suck out loud, I didn’t read the article as saying that the bank was trying to dictate who Monrovia should sell to, but rather trying to come up with alternatives to Monrovia filing for bankruptcy. Certainly not the first or the last time a business owner may have to sacrifice his principles in order to keep the lights on.

  4. I don’t know about the present but in the recent past the big box stores accounted for a third of the plant sales in the US. One third of any business is too much to snub – sell your plants anyway you can and good luck. Sounds to me like next winter we will be looking at far fewer mega nurseries out there. As long as Annies Annuals, Baker Creek and Plant Delights stay in business I’ll be fine.

    Growing high quality plants aint easy but its still far easier than selling high quality plants.

  5. Honestly, after seeing Iseli and Carolina Nurseries go down, I’m a little desensitized. Those two had gorgeous plants and a mind bending, array of plant varieties. They were also much more responsive to the needs of the IGC I worked for, than was Monrovia.

  6. Oh Greg, I would so love it if we had our own baker and butcher. We already have a candlestick maker. Can I add a fishmonger?

  7. Monrovia is way overpriced. If they dropped their prices just a bit, say, 10% over the competition, then their sales would rise. I buy a fair amount of plants, yet I’m just not willing to spend the amount of money they want for a Monrovia plant.

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