Our Clever Readers and the Gifty Things They Make.


As promised, here's a round-up of some of the very cool things you people make and sell and would like to share right now, during the holiday shopping frenzy.  You are all so clever and creative that we just can't stand it.  While self-promotion can be a little weird, we invited you to post links to the stuff you make and sell, and we'll invite you again–if we didn't include you in this post, but you'd like to share your work, post a link here in the comments.  And remember–we mean stuff you MAKE!  Crafts.  Art.  Handmade.  Homemade. This includes notecards, calendars, etc of your original art.  If you make and sell it, we're happy to spread the word!

OK, here goes:Baldwin

Turns out garden writer Debra Lee Baldwin is also a talented photographer and painter.  I am so sending  these as Christmas cards this year.  Get them on Zazzle. Succulent chic, indeed.


Janit Janit Calvo makes crazy cool miniature garden stuff and sells it on Etsy.  Wow.  It's fabulous.  I'm in love.


DirtCouture.com is an online marketplace that only sells handmade garden stuff. Seriously.  That's amazing.  Go check that out right now.


Heather's Garden has garden calendars for sale on CafePress, and Ellis Hollow has some for sale on Zazzle — including those fantastic Bloom Day scans many of you know and love.


Susan Day and husband Richard Day's butterfly photographs are available on a calendar as well.  Lovely stuff!


And Joseph Tychonievich's 2011 garden cartoon calendar?  It's here.


Gourd Nora Graf makes these amazing mesquite gourds and sells them on Etsy. Wow!


Patricia Jakobi, nature photographer, has cards and notecards here.


Eva Maria-Ruhl is an incredible botanical artist.  Seriously.  Check out her work oFigsn variety of lovely products on Zazzle — including this Three Little Figs mug.


Metalwork!  Fossil Forge!  It's amazing. Outdoor metal garden stuff.


Here's floral photography from Marsanne on Etsy.


Flower Kim, the Sassy Crafter, makes a ton of stuff I want.  How could you not love these upcycled accessories?


Susan Morrison makes these fabulous 12 Days of Christmas (If Gardeners Ruled the World) cards and much more at her Zazzle store.


Gorgeous crafty things with vintage botanical lithographs are here.


And last but not least–SOAP!  We all need fabulous handmade soap! Whew!  That's it, folks! Santa is TIRED OF TYPING!  Hope you enjoyed this crafty round-up. Support your friends and neighbors in their efforts to make something real, handmade, recycled, artsy, and unique.  Happy holidays!







  1. Wow! Instead of writing up a wishlist I can just send my family members to this post. (Yeah, I’m greedily keeping them to myself instead of playing Santa).

    Maybe I shouldn’t admit that in the comments before I send them the link…

  2. I wouldn’t have thought of creating an online store if Amy and other FB friends hadn’t urged me to make my succulent-themed holiday cards available. (I had posted three designs and asked which I should send out.) That gave Amy the idea to do a round-up of garden-themed handmade items. So now that we all know who’s doing what (and where to shop) how about we tweet and share the link to Amy’s excellent post?

  3. Wow, thanks for including me and supporting artists. I’ll be adding more gourds to my site next week. I’m always working on new pieces so keep looking!
    Nora Graf
    Mesquite Gourds

  4. You are all so great in supporting gardeners in so many ways – and now this. Thanks! It also made me think about something I might do this year. Information and inspiration – that where you always are.

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