Calling All Garden Show Attendees!



It is almost garden show season.  What does that mean?  Stuff to buy.  Display gardens to look at.  Flower arrangements to judge.  And not just that, but:  Tickets to buy. Places to park.  Food to eat. 

We want to hear about all of it.  We're quite sure that many of you will be heading out to garden shows in the coming weeks (I'll be at the Portland and San Francisco shows, and Michele will be at the Chicago show, for starters), and we would love to post, repost, or otherwise link to your reports from the shows.  Video?  Audio?  Slide shows?  Tweets?  Sonnets?  Whatever.  If you can get it to us, we'll do our best to get it out there.

And seriously, we want to hear about everything, not just the highlights.  Was parking a nightmare?  Was the food appropriate for a garden crowd, or was it all ball park franks?  Do you have a favorite bar nearby you recommend for a post-show cocktail?  Do tell!

Most of you already know a million different ways to get in touch with us, from posting a comment here to sending a note via Twitter or Facebook, but here's a direct route:  send a note to amy at amystewart dot com with your garden show reports.  To make this easier, I'll assume that anything you send is OK to post (pictures, text, whatever) with a link to you–unless you specifically tell me otherwise.   (Yes, anonymous tipsters are welcome, too!)

To be honest, I'm looking forward to getting to a big city to see anything, even if it's just a yellow wheelbarrow.  Whatever.  I'm ready.  I'm there.


  1. Maybe it is just me, but your website has been arranged strangely lately. The posts don’t appear at the top of the page, they appear below the left side bar. In fact everything appears in one long column on the left.

    I figure either it only affects me or you already know about it, but just in case I’ll add my noise to the din.

  2. Amy, Portland has a LOT of good places to eat, but 2 of my favorites for dinner are PokPok (3131 SE Division,, they also own the Whiskey Soda Lounge across the street, which has their food available, late night menu included, plus great drinks) and Higgins (1239 SW Broadway, eat in the bar unless you want to dress up and pay more, the bar menu is fabulous). Breakfast places? Zell’s Cafe (1300 SE Morrison), the Bijou Cafe (right downtown at SW Pine & Third), Tin Shed Cafe (1438 NE Alberta, Cafe DuBerry (6439 SW Macadam).
    Have fun at the show!

  3. I usually travel to Philadelphia to work the Flower Show – that way I get to visit it for an entire week! So I’ll offer my two cents either from the floor or as soon as possible. It’s in March so you’ll have to wait a while.

  4. I’m thinking my MIL & I could go to the SF show. She’s asked me a few times, but it’s always at the last minute. This year I’ll actually plan for it. I’ve missed all of the local shows & the traveling H&G-type shows that have come to town. If do I go, I’ll send back photos since I don’t blog.

  5. Get to the S.F. F&G SHow and hour before opening (I did that one year by accident) and you won’t have to wait in the horrendously long line to get in. Well, you will have to wait, but you’ll be at the front.

    Buying your tickets online or waiting in line to buy tickets there, both equally painful. I miss the old Cow Palace, since their set up was so efficient. Get your tickets before hand.

    Since moving from the Cow Palace in South S.F. to the San Mateo Fairgrounds, the flow of people traffic to get into the place went from, “Line? What line?” to “OMG! What? Is U2 playing here?”

    Parking is about equal, since both places have parking close to the entrance if you get there early enough.

    I miss the huge expanse of the Cow Palace arena and how everything sort of disappeared up into the rafters for vertical height. At San Mateo, you have the noise of vendors just off the side of the displays and the sanctuary of the exhibit now seems much more like a generic home and garden show now.

    The grass area outside of the exhibit buildings at the San Mateo FG makes for a nice place to see large outdoor sculptures and to sit while eating.

  6. Hi Amy,
    Happy to read about the interest in garden shows. I would love to share a link to a video, “Garden Show Extravaganza” which covers highlights of the NorthWest Flower and Garden Show and the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show.

    You will see many familiar faces- authors, designers and bloggers reporting for the Garden World Report Show! If you haven’t attended a garden show before, take a look at what you’ve been missing!

    Amy, I will send you an embed code in case you want to post the video on Rant.

    Shirley Bovshow

  7. This week Boston will host New England Grows, probably the largest nursery industry show on the East coast. We have so much snow that there is little room for anything else on sidewalks and side streets. That is not going to keep me from NEG. Love the show. Always have a good time. Love to see friends who are landscapers and gardeners.

  8. If you’ve never seen this short video it’s a lot of fun. We took the process of creating the show gardens at the 2008 Northwest Flower & Garden Show, at the Washington State Convention Center, and compressed the 90 hours production into 7 minutes, set to some cool jazz.

    The NWFGS team is planning a great show with the theme “Once Upon a Time…Spectacular Gardens with Stories to Tell.” Follow the show on The Garden Show Blog, our Facebook page and on Twitter @nwfgs. We’ll have Guest Bloggers at the show!

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