To Barbara Damrosch, “Mwah” and back at ya!


In her article "The Best Gardening Periodicals, Forums and Blogs", Barbara Damrosch recommends two Primer blogs.  First, Kitchen Gardeners International's blog, then:

"The other blog is Garden Rant ( ), which gives good information, hosts lively and knowledgeable guest ranters, and is anchored by four outstandingly uppity women, excellent writers all."

That, from the author of the The Garden Primer, the revered go-to source for the growing of food.  We're big fans!  So we're not too uppity to show some gratitude for her very kind words.  Thank you, Barbara!

Now, I'm going to go ponder the possible degrees of uppitiness, up to  "outstandingly" and beyond.  And I wonder if the people we live with would describe that quality we all share in quite the same way.


  1. Holy Cow! Congratulations!!!! Barbara Damrosche rocks my world. I plant Nicotiana in my garden every year in her honor.
    Way to go, ranters!

  2. Love her book, love that she mentioned Garden Rant, HATE the use of the word “uppity.” Even with “outstandingly.” It’s a word that’s been used for people who are trying to overstep what those in power see as their “station” in life. Maybe Damrosche made a poor word choice but–who edited that piece? YEESH!

  3. Congratulations, ladies! An extremely well-deserved honor. I try to increase your readership by dropping your name whenever possible. It’s nice to know that the horticultural cognoscenti know the real deal when they see it……..

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