Fiskars Madness Continues


First–we have a winner for last week's Cuts+More giveaway.  The scissors go to Sally, who writes,

I raise dahlias in raised fieldstone beds by a quiet pond in Northeast PA and broke my little Fiskar deadheading scissors last fall. Dinner plate dahlias were too much for them. This spring I'll be fencing my vegetable garden so the critters don't eat my tomatoes at day 89 right before I'm ready to harvest–would be great for cutting the wire for that as well!

And now, on to new business.  As you know, Fiskars sent us a bunch of stuff to test.  So this week, Gen and I share our evaluation of their Power Gear pruners. Apparently my Buff Orpington has quite a lot to say on the subject too, because at one point she stands right next to the camera and just talks her little head off.  Hopefully you find that charming.

And yes, once again, we have not one, but two of these bad boys to give away.  Comment here to win, and go over to Gen Schmidt's North Coast Gardening for another chance to win.


  1. Thanks for the review…Was just going to buy some Felco’s, now will have to reconsider ….especially based on Buff Orpington’s comments!

  2. With the economic downturn, I’ve had to let go all my domestic help and fend for myself in the garden and the kitchen. It’s been quite the challenge these past 10 years causing me to agree that drinking in the morning has been much maligned. Last season’s garden had a particularly ugly ending although I can’t see it under the foot of icy sludge that surrounds my castle. Somewhere out there are my pruners &#8212 rusted, no doubt, into a permanent gape created by a fig tree which required a more substantial implement to tame it.

  3. Could SO use these pruners! Lots of bushes that will need pruning in late March and early April. Hopefully my Buff Orpington, Lila, will like them as much as your Buff does.

  4. I thought the bougainvillea was dead. Last’s year’s long freeze here in NOLA seemed to strip the monster to its bones – branches that grew inches thick in a month while stretching to the sky, then whipping at me with those thorns. I’ve managed to only get two tips permanently lodged in my hands. In the summer pruning is necessary every 3-4 weeks, or the beauty is overwhelmed by its viciousness. It did come back, but the recent cold seems to have slowed the growth somewhat; I have a chance at control. However, my pruners are tired. The bougainvillea grabs them from my hands, gripping them when I try to cut. I’m about to give up. I can’t, though, I still have to deal with the palmettos and their thorns, beating my house and me, and my neighbors need to use the sidewalk (and the street). At least there are no thorns on the oleander (and that I was told was a miniature). Sigh.

  5. I would LOVE a pair of Power Gear pruners from Fiskars. I have a couple pair of not-so-fancy Fiskars and when one pair broke, I took a picture and sent it to the company. They sent be a brand new replacement pair!! I am impressed! My 2.5 acres requires LOTS of pruning.

  6. New pruners — awesome! With the weather as fantastic it’s been in Santa Cruz, my garden needs some serious pruning.

  7. Husband took our last pair of long-handled pruners & decided to tame the out-of-control photinia wall at our rental. Maybe it was because we just couldn’t sharpen the darn things anymore, maybe it was because the wooden handles were quite possibly older than hubby, or maybe it was that these small, shrubby trees are mimicking sequoias … but we now have a set of one-handled loppers. And the photinia is still taunting us. Since the budget is tight this year, I’ll likely have to spend part of my plant allowance on new pruners. Tragic, no. Annoying ? Absolutely !

  8. I have arthritis and I am excited to check these out! It would make taming my runaway tomatoes more comfortable!

  9. We bought Fiskar power loppers and love them. Been pruning our tree lot this winter and it is our tool of choice. I would love to have a pair of power pruners to keep the loppers company.

  10. I’m relatively new to gardening (bought a house and inherited a garden along with it) and I don’t even have a pair of pruners! My mom has been very patient, as I borrowed her’s most of last spring and summer. A pair of my own would be fantastic!

  11. Here in the Boston area it has been snowing steadily since Christmas. The accumulation on my roof finally got so bad that I hired a couple of guys to shovel it off (lots of roof collapses have been occurring). So where did a lot of the snow from the roof go when they shoveled it off? You guessed it – on my bushes. The poor Oakleaf hydrangeas are going to need a lot of pruning (not to mention the iteas, azaleas, physocarpus and Calycanthus floridus). Those Fiskars would surely help.

  12. I just joined our local Master Gardeners program. It sure would be nice to show up to the pruning class with a nice pair of functional pruners instead of my cheap and well-used pair. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  13. I’ve tried several times to adapt to the rotating handle on a pair of Felcos but it always causes pain in my wrist after only a few minutes. I think it must be an acquired taste because the vineyard workers and the production nursery workers here in Napa and Sonoma Valley love the swivel handles ( and they are also frickken expensive). I also find the Felco swivel handles to be designed for larger hands and like Amy I have small hands.
    The power gear Fiskars sound interesting. Can you easily replace and sharpen the blade like the Felco’s ? I love Felco’s for their blade quality and ease of keeping them sharp.

  14. My poor, tired (from shoveling and ice scraping) little hands are really going to need these when it comes to shrub repair this Spring. If the snow EVER goes away …

  15. First thing I grab when I pull up at a customer’s house to do some gardening work? Gloves, and pruners. But right now I am using a pair of cheap cheap Ace Hdw. pruners because my old Coronas somehow got lost in a pile of debris last summer. I HATE cheap pruners, but it is winter, not much work to be had, so I have to make do with what I own. TG Spring is coming!

  16. I would love to have good pruners. I’m constantly having to cut back shrubs and vines from an empty foreclosed house next to mine. There’s honeysuckle and other weedy things trying to strangle my lilac and no one else to keep them in bounds.

  17. I have small hands but an open mind when it comes to new pruners. As a long time Felco user, it took a little convincing, but Amy did it! Thanks for the review.

  18. I have 3 pairs of Felco and while I’m not ready to throw them in the trash, your charming video has convinced me there are alternatives.
    I just found your links about a month ago and am so stoked about the weekly emails and such. I am a gardener here in Trinidad and was excited to see one of my newest clients places on your “seaside gardens”. Thanks for all of the awesome information you all provide.
    By the way, Amy, did we see you on “Cake Boss”?
    And Oh yeah, I’d love those Fiskars!!!

  19. Thanks for the review. I was in Costco today and saw a Fiskers lopper/pruner combo pack. I’m holding off, in hopes that the Garden Goddesses here might choose me…small hands, petite stature and trees needing a trim aren’t a winning combo right now! And last spring’s maternity leave meant baby was well cared for, but the yard had to fend for itself. It’s kinda ugly out there!

  20. It’s getting real close to late winter pruning here in NC, and as the gardens have grown, so has the need for new pruners. Thanks for the chance at these Fiskars.

  21. In summer pruning is needed every 3-4 weeks, or beauty is overwhelmed by its brutality. She returned, but the recent cold seems to have slowed growth a bit, I have a chance to control. But my pruners are tired. The Bougainvillea grasp of my hands, shaking when trying to cut. I’m about to give up.

  22. As a baker for work and a gardener for pleasure my wrists and elbows are trashed! Lately I’ve been wondering what I can give up to give myself a rest, now I think that Fiskars has come up with a way for me to stay out in the garden pain free.

  23. Glad to hear these seem to be good quality, and a good competitor for Felcos, etc. Now if someone would just add a GPS tracking device to the handle so that people like me won’t lose them in the compost heap or the wilds of the back pasture…

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