Fiskars Madness!


Beer and chickens

Opening a beer with my new scissors. No beer for Ladybird!


Last week, Genevieve Schmidt of North Coast Gardening showed up at my house with a box full of freebies from Fiskars.  We played around with them in my backyard and offered up our opinions in these here videos.  And as it turns out, Fiskars doesn't just want to give us free stuff, they want to give stuff to you, too. So here goes:

The dramatic unveiling:



And now, our extensive testing and evaluation of the first tool we tried out–their super-scissors, also known as Cuts+More.  And if this video inspires feelings of kitchen/garden scissor lust, you know what to do.  Post a comment and we'll pick a winner.  Gen is giving away a pair at North Coast Gardening as well, so you've got two shots at this one.  We'll be back next week with more. Oh, and if you want to get cozy with our new friends at Fiskars, here they are on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. I’ve just discovered your great blog here. I have to admit, being a Michigan gardener has made me kind of jealous of how green everything is there!
    Thanks for reviewing these garden scissors. Last year I went through two pairs of slightly less formidable scissors out in the garden, so I may have to look into picking a pair of these up if I see them. I grow a lot of native perennials that have woody stems and my scissors didn’t appreciate this at all. I do have a small pair of clippers, but I also have a habit of leaving my clippers out in the rain so they’re pretty miserable these days.

  2. Just spending a minute surfing before work, looking for some garden inspiration and found your review of the Fiskers tool. Only flaw to it — no wine cork!

    Thanks for the smile.

  3. These would be perfect to keep at my community garden plot where gardening and beer go hand-in-hand! What is a garden if it isn’t relaxing?

  4. 1) Love the Amy/chickens/brewski photo

    2) I have these Fiskars bypass pruners w/pivoting handle – genius for those of us with ‘compromised’ hand function (I have carpal tunnel syndrome; I also gave a pair to my father-in-law who has arthritis & he said he enjoys pruning & yardwork again !) Would also make long pruning sessions easier on the old hands.

    3) I’d love a pair of the Cuts+More. They would certainly save me the problems of walking around with clippers, kitchen shears, wire cutters, & bottle opener bulging my pockets (I know I should get a utility belt, but they don’t really make ’em my size). A pair of those loppers would be lovely, too, since I also have trees & shrubs to tame.

  5. I lost my best garden sissors – they haven’t even turned up in the compost! These Friskars Cuts+More would be a fantastic replacement as sissors in my garden get used for everything from digging up the odd weed to yes, opening beer bottles. Plus it may not be Christmas up here but it sure looks like it and a parcel in the post would sure bring a promise of sometime seeing 6 foot of snow disappear from the garden and some plant activity out there.
    Loved the photo Amy, that is a keeper, and loved the chickens busy in the background.

  6. Bonus: if you just want more cute pictures of Amy and the effect of beer on chickens, you should DEFINITELY click through to Genevieve’s blog. 🙂

  7. Watching your videos was so much fun. I have been a huge Fiskar products fan for years…and I own many of their items…but these “Cuts plus More” are new to me. I like the fact that you can run them through the dishwasher without them rusting…I have lost many a pair to the dishwasher.

    May the best woman or man win…:)

  8. This is great — thanks! I can’t wait to see the stand-up weedpuller demo next.

    And the geared loppers…Yes!, says the petite yet stubborn gardener who might, on her very tippy toes, be able to reach the offending branch but then can’t get the needed force to actually cut through it.

  9. hmmm scissors. I spent all last summer looking for a good pair. I used to have a great pair (they were orange, maybe Fiskars)but then, as have most of my great trowels and felcos, disappeared. It was a new years resoulution to keep better track of these important things. I don’t bother looking in the compost anymore, its too big of a heap, about 40′ by 10′ tall. I prefer scissors to cut my flower bouquets that I sell at farmers markets. I usually cut about 100 a week and find those fancy flower snips with a spring in them actually inhibits the quick cut motion, especially when I’m cleaning off foliage from the lower stems. Scissors are just faster than snips. I actually bought 10 pair last summer. Lost half, re-discoved 3 this fall in the dead zinnias. I think one got dropped down the porta-potty. Not going after that one. All were a dissapointment, generally junk. I need a good pair. I use em so much I have a scissor hole in my jeans, ya know, where you walk around with metal point sticking out below your butt waiting to surprise you when you take a seat, but only if someone has’nt looked at you funny and laughed first. True Stuff. Scissor Stories.

  10. Please please pick me! i love Fiskar’s scissors. they are the best. i use scissors foreverything – in my kitchen, crafting and gardening. A gardener always needs a pair of scissors for harvesting, tying up, snipping support material …

  11. These scissors sound just about perfect. I am especially impressed by the multipliciy of function (I have very little room for tools in my very little house)and the fact that they come with their own sharpener (which will help keep them sharp and rust-free).

  12. Now if they only had some type of beaconing signal they’d be spot on. I seem to put mine down a lot. Very nice but can they mix drinks too?

  13. You are so Lucky! Freebies!!
    I always look for Fiskar tools. My mother told me about them Years ago. They’re one of the best……and getting better. I’ll have to check out the Tactical Scissors 🙂

  14. Add me to the list of raving fans of Fiskars. Full Disclosure: I am the Fiskars Spokesperson so yes, you’d expect me to say that. But…I was a fan long before that! I just love their stuff and company even more now that I have had time to learn more about what goes into making and designing their tools and who they are as a company; lot’s of like-minded gardeners and people who walk their talk when it comes to gardening and giving back.

    As a real gardener (not just playing one on TV), they’re the real deal!

  15. The best thing about Fiskars? They have orange on them so you can find them buried in the grass, weeds, brush, compost, you name it. I’ve had my Fiskars for 6 years now. Not only do they work well, I still know where they are!

  16. I NEVER have enough scissors where I need them. Even though I swear there’s one outside, one in the toolbox, one in my craft drawer, one in the regular computer desk, and shears in the kitchen. Why oh why can’t I find a pair when I need them? I swear either my husband or sneaky gnomes move them all around. I could totally use a new pair to put outside because those are the one my husband steals from the garage – and I vow to hide the new ones!

  17. I bought a pair of their grass shears last summer and was disappointed returned them the same day I bought them very crappy product in my opinion. But to each their own.

  18. Would so like to have those Fiskars Cuts and More! I raise dahlias in raised fieldstone beds by a quiet pond in Northeast PA and broke my little Fiskar deadheading scissors last fall. Dinner plate dahlias were too much for them. This spring I’ll be fencing my vegetable garden so the critters don’t eat my tomatoes at day 89 right before I’m ready to harvest–would be great for cutting the wire for that as well!

  19. It was great seeing the new things from Fiskars. I purchased a tool from them several years ago that looked like a dandelion puller on steriods. It is the best purchase I ever made. They put some real thought into how it is used. Must have lots of gardeners on the development staff.

  20. I could really use the Cuts and More because I am always getting in trouble with hubby when I take the Cutco scissors out to the garden. Love the videos!

  21. Fiskars 3x loppers are the best! Talk about making a tough job easily manageable! I’ve been using them for 6 years. I now have 2 pairs – one for me and one for my husband. The serrated edge on the scissors is very handy for slicing open mulch bags.

  22. I’ve been a Fiskars Freak ever since my job at the craft store. The manager bought a special pair of left-handed shears just for me to use at the fabric table. Best. Scissors. Ever.

  23. I’ve been a big fan of Fiskars stuff for many years. I work in a “big box” store in the garden center and though we are given a utility knife I’ve found that a pair of fiskars garden scissors are alot more versatile. I have a pair that have gotten MUCH daily use over the last 6+ years and they are still going strong, I’d be lost without them!!! Of course I have a pair at home as well and I’m constantly urging customers to buy them.

  24. Okay, so what do I have to do to get Fiskars to send ME a box full of cool tools? I could really use those scissors because I recently abused mine terribly by using them to cut a mat in half so it would fit in the cubby where my dogs sleep. The mat is a charming blend of black and grey fibres and a clump of those fibres is now wedged in the “crotch” of my scissors, looking very much like aging pubic hairs! HELP!
    ps. I sharpen my (Felco) pruners with the little double steel wheel dealie that I use for sharpening my kitchen knives. Probably unsanitary but quick and easy, and I have scissors with pubic hair so what the hell…

  25. oooh. Want! Regular scissors just don’t last very long & though I do manage to keep a pair or two semi-handy for simple gardeny things, these Cuts & More NEED to be in my hind pocket! (pruning shears are in other hind pocket)

  26. Ooh, garden scissors! I could definitely use them for so many tasks where pruners are too much but house scissors are inadequate! Too bad I can’t drink beer!

  27. I have very painful hand arthritis—can cut with scissors much easier than trim with pruning shears! WOO HOO–love these!

  28. The picture of Amy with the chickens is great. Nice quality on the video too. Have never been disappointed in a Fiskar product…a true gardener would only think of putting a bottle opener with a great garden tool…do you think they will think of putting a wine opener on the next version?

    Just found your great blog!

  29. I used the Fiskars 3x loppers on old woody climbing rose canes today — it works so much better than the big old twice-as-heavy loppers I used last year. (Loppers: what a funny word. loppers loppers loppers)

    What I like best about the scissors is the wire cutter. I’ll have to try it out.

  30. As a Finnish-American, I’m always intrigued by anything remotely connected to Finland (Fiskars is a Finnish company), and I have multiple pairs of orange-handled Fiskars scissors migrating through my house. I used to have a pair of Fiskars loppers, but I think a neighbor must have purloined them since I haven’t come across them in a long time. These scissors look so cool — I’m currently using a motley collection of rusty scissors and an old Japanese garden knife on most of the chores you demonstrate here. I’d love to replace them all with one pair of these scissors!

  31. I love my 12 year old Fiskars, every 4 or 5 years I even clean them. I’m thinking that the new model might be a perfect back-up. Oh, my lopper’s… neighbors think I’m a closet body builder. YES!

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