More photos of plants, please


Over on my totally-off-topic blog, you'll find out how Julie Miller got to be so damn good at photography, and in such a short time, too.  There you'll see some city lights and demolition sites, but I saved the two lone photos involving plants that I found on her gorgeous website for GardenRant.  Starting with this kaleidescope that she created from the photo "Yellow Flower," shot in New Mexico.

And here's something I've walked by a few times by never stopped to notice, or discover the garden reflected in the glass.  It's the door to the "dacha" at the Hillwood Museum and Garden in D.C.  These two kaleidoscopes from the same original just hint at the potential for Photoshop to turn normal people into obsessive fiddlers, easily long after bedtime. 

I've hinted to Julie that she take on plants and gardens as her next subject – coz it would be fun to see her take on them – but it's not happening anytime soon.  Lately it's been "How Buildings See Buildings," and of course what photographer can resist half-destroyed buildings? 



  1. Tomatoes. Nothing tastes like a warm-from-the-garden heirloom tomato, grown in my compost-rich Jersey garden. Every other vegetable tastes at least similar to the summer, home-grown variety…except tomatoes. Those reddish things sold in grocery stores in winter aren’t remotely like my tomatoes. And even though by late September, I am getting sick of them (or just tired of peeling, de-seeding, cooking and freezing them in every possible way), I can’t wait until July when maybe the first early tomatoes will be ready for picking.

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