Our Final Fiskars Frenzy


Off into the sunset

Gen rides off into the sunset with her toys from Fiskars.

Okay, this is it:  We have finally worked our way through the last of the tools Fiskars sent us a few weeks ago.  I have to say, this one was the most fun for me, because it's a totally new tool, something I've never tried before.  I mean, I have scissors, I have pruners, I have lopers.  So while it was cool to get to test those out, this was something I actually had to learn how to use.

So here it is, the UpRoot Weeder.  We went a little crazy with this one and we made two videos. And once again, you've got a chance to win–you can comment here, and you can go over to North Coast Gardening and comment there.  Enjoy!


And then we hit up a nearby lawn:


  1. Oh boy, I could really use this! Right now my dandelion removal system on my organic lawn consists of picking the yellow flowers each morning!

  2. now to convince one of my 3 children that this would be a fun game to try out…dandelion removal….hmmmm

  3. I’ve been gardening since 1978 and I’ve never used a herbicide in my garden or lawn. I NEED this tool. I was very impressed by the videos, especially the vacant lot dandelion experiment.

  4. So how well does this thing work in clay?

    And how big of a weed can it take out? (Does a 3ft tall buckthorn count as a weed?)

  5. Hot damn. Sign me up for one of these babies. My lot is surrounded by properties that have gone to seed. They do not weed for dandelions or anything else really. I’ve done my best to draw Maginot lines of horticultural defense of hedgerows and shrubs against these properties, but those dandelion paratroopers like to launch arial assaults late spring. Like Genevieve, I’ve got 3 kids who are all over the lawn, so chemical warfare is out of the question, but I’m getting pretty sick of hand weeders that keep cutting off subterranean roots leaving bits for more to sprout from next year. The second video gives me hope. The spring-loading action on the weeder is especially nice, like a dandelion assault rifle. I’m not inclined to assault plants in the garden, but every gardener has her limits.

  6. Our neighbor has an entire 3-acre crop of dandelions for his yard. We work so hard at keeping them out of our yard (a few are okay, but not hundreds!) and we don’t use chemicals, so this tool would be a godsend. We have heavy clay so the job of removing them is truly a back-breaker. This would be WONDERFUL to have!

  7. What fun you’ve had with these Fiskars promotions and giveaways! I sincerely hope this won’t be the end of the videoblogs, or I might have my own kerfuffle! Thanks for the chance at winning this new and neat tool! Dandelions are just now starting to show up, and it would be great to have some help in reducing their population!

  8. That’s amazing! I could definitely use one of those that actually works; we bought a little house with nearly a quarter-acre of english ivy in the backyard. After one summer I’m *done* pulling up vines with my hands, not to mention down from all the lovely trees. I think I went through six pairs of gloves and three pairs of jeans. The ivy monster’s gone, the neighbors are happy now, but there’s a lot of dirt beds to monitor while I’m waiting for the spring plant sales (and begging my mom to share her hostas).

  9. This looks so cool! I have four easement properties (~700 sq ft each) that need weeding all year long…nothing better than pulling out a dandelion with a big chunk of root! Looks like your soil was pretty moist and loose, so I’ll have to be sure to use it after rain, but otherwise looks perfect. Can’t wait to try it whether I win one or not!

  10. I had one of these a few years ago, before we made our big move from Massachusetts to Washington state. It worked great, but haven’t seen it since we settled. Would love to have one!

  11. If you were to choose me to win this weeder, it would no doubt gladden the heart of my overly-fastidious neighbor (a wonderful guy and a great neighbor, lest anyone think we’re not on good terms) across the street. He must wince every time he looks over here in summer and sees all the dandelions and chickweed. I don’t do chemicals – we all know they suck, and besides, I have open fields on two sides, so I’m going to have dandelions, no matter what. It might help him feel better if he saw me out at least TRYING to do something about it….

  12. No offense to Fiskars, but I doubt this would help me much. My lawn with its beautifully amended soil is relatively weed-free. The veggie & ornamental beds need up-close-&-personal maintenance. Most all of my weeds are in heavy clay covered in DG surrounding my fruit trees. Winter rains help the weed-pulling a bit, but summer sun bakes the soil such that removal requires an auger or jack-hammer. Or just shaving them off right at the surface. And, yes, the darn things keep right on growing in those ridiculous conditions.

  13. Right now our “lawn” is covered with snow, but soon there will be dandelions everywhere. I’m sure the neighbors would want me to have one of these. Maybe they’ll buy me one if someone else gets this one.

  14. I hate to douse this silliness with a dose of skepticism, but . . . . . dandelion – and many other perennial “weeds” – are notorious for their ability to regenerate from small root pieces left in the ground.

    Therefore, if the ladies want to provide a true service, they – and others reading this post – can perform a citizen scientist activity by setting up several square yard plots throughout their yard and/or garden, remove the offending dandelions, measure how quickly new dandelion crowns (and other seedling weeds) appear in the void, and report their findings in a future video.

    Bottom line . . . . , you’ll probably be better of spending your money on some nice plants for your garden this coming spring and living with the dandelions.

    Finally, to learn more about intentionally growing dandelions for their roots and leaves, check out the following links:



  15. Oh, I want, I want, I want. Can’t you just feel the tool-lust radiation from my words?

    Maybe, with this, I’ll be able to turn my weed collection back into a patch of lawn.

  16. I’d be hoping it works well in clay soil since that would be key in my lawn. Oh, and some responsible neighbors might help, too.

  17. They are armed and dangerous.
    Imagine if they had knocked back a few drinks before taking to arms !
    Definitely Weed Warriors who walk softly and carry a big stick.

  18. This looks like the tool for me. I have many acres of black walnut seedlings and garlic mustard to be elimated and I don’t bend near as well as I used to.

  19. Those videos are hilarious! I tend to just co-exist with my dandelions and other weeds, but if I had a tool like this I might actually be prompted to tidy things up a bit. (Much to the delight of my overly-fastidious neighbors, which I have in abundance like Susan.)

  20. What would this gadget do to thistles? Dandelions are bad enough, but what I really hate is trying to pull up thistles. They have a long, tough taproot and they hurt! This looks like it might be the answer.

  21. I am dreaming of pulling up my weeds and then shooting them Rambo style. What great fun! I almost can’t wait for the dandelions to grow now!

  22. I could absolutely use this! Right now my dandelion abatement arrangement on my amoebic backyard consists of acrimonious the chicken flowers anniversary morning! I ability accept my own kerfuffle! Thanks for the adventitious at acceptable this new and accurate tool! Dandelions are just now starting to appearance up, and it would be abundant to accept some advice in abbreviation their population!

  23. Dandelions I rather like, so of course I don’t get dandelions. I get sow thistle and cow parsley and many other things. (Cow parsley is pretty, but I let it go to seed once and it has been trying to take over the neighborhood every since.) I’m well into the stage where once I get down I look for other things to do before I get up; that’s ok–I mostly weed sitting down. But I keep having to scooch over to the next area. I would love to try one of these weeders. (If they work in clay.)

  24. As I said over on North Coast, come back in two months or so and see what’s regenerated.

    My non-Fiskars is shorter (I’m over six feet) and not as heavy-duty, so it’s real work. I’d be willing to try the real thing.

    As for teenagers, mine has read enough of Tom Sawyer for me to know he ain’t gonna paint that fence.

  25. There is another version called “Grandpa’s Weeder. It has a wooden handle and a smaller version of the weed thingy. It is most addictive when walking around and pulling up dandelions, toss ’em on the lawn, have a beer, then mow. A true sense of accomplishment. Oh, the life of a gardener.

  26. Oh my goodness, I so need this tool! I have so many dandelions and every spring I try to pull them all out by the roots. Would love to easily get rid of this!

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