Honey Badger–Ewwww, That’s Nasty!


Amy, this is a dupe which I figure was posted accidentally, so I changed it to "draft".  S

Best. Nature. Video. Ever.  Which you have probably already seen, but just in case, here it is.   (Warning:  NSFW due to use of run-of-the-mill four-letter words.)



  1. The narrator had me cracking up. Honestly! I thought some of the images were hard to watch (cobra and coffee don’t make a for a good breakfast), but it was great to watch.

  2. That was narrated pretty well. Never heard of the Honey badger and am glad its not native to my area though.

  3. Oh my god. I’m at work and had to cover my mouth so I wouldn’t make any sound. Now I can hardly see what I”m typing because I”ve been crying so hard. Oh that was funny. I needed that.

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