How to inspire nongardeners of a certain age



Over on my Boomer blog I’m experimenting with the occasional post about “Why I garden,” in hopes of inspiring others to join us in our dirty endeavors.  The plan is to post a few favorite photos from my garden for each season, but if they don’t appeal to someone then I don’t know what else to say.

But maybe there IS another approach, and maybe you all have some ideas?

This photo is the view of the back garden from the basement door, with the garage on the left.  Flowering in the distance are dogwoods and doublefile viburnums and in the foreground, Celandine poppies.


  1. I got into gardening when I was about 7 or 8 years old. It was that project in school where you take a bean or seed and plant it in a glass jar between with the seed against the glass and a paper towel separating the seed and the soil. The magic of watching that little corn seed germinate was what hooked me and got me excited about plants.

    Not really sure what other methods you could use to attract people to it. I bet it gets harder and harder in the future as young people grow more and more dependent on computers and being indoors.

  2. Your photos are lovely and your garden is inspiring in its quiet beauty. You share your love of it well. How to inspire? That’s a great question. I think, ultimately, people are inspired if they WANT to be inspired, either the door is open or it’s not–and you just do your best sharing what you love.

  3. When I was a very small child, I remember being fascinated by the old-fashioned hollyhocks by the back door and by the coral bells my mother planted. But I got started in earnest around 7. We’d moved and there was a long border down the side of the back yard. My mother dug out two semi-circles extending into the yard; one for me and one for my brother. We picked out seeds and planted them. Somehow I only remember growing beets and zinnias, which sounds like a strange sort of garden. But I was hooked and today there is nothing I enjoy more than working in the garden.

  4. Susan, I went over to your Boomer website and looked at your other pictures, and your garden is lovely! I’m guessing that your inspirations there are aimed at us boomers, and 2 things came to mind as I looked at your pictures. Your garden is a peaceful spot to unwind, sit and reflect, which is exactly what many of us harried, “sandwich-generation” boomers want as we approach our twilight years. And also, it reminds me of the woods we all used to escape to when we were younger in search of certain types of recreation 🙂

  5. My entire family farms and I have grown up around it, because of this I LOVE having my own garden! Of course I have my flowers and such all over my yard, but i also have my own veggie garden. If you want to encourage people to start gardening explain to then that growing your own food saves you and enourmous amout of money. Once they get their hands in the dirt they will see how much fun it is.

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