Praise for HGTV – really!


On NPR's "Morning Edition", correspondent Neda Ulaby singled out Home and Garden Television (often criticized by gardeners for its vanishing G) to praise its diversity in hosts and guests.  Old, young, gay, straight, all races, mixed couples – it's true that HGTV is super-inclusive, and that's a good thing.

You can listen here, or read the transcript


  1. yeah, I heard that on the radio, and her wry observation at the end about design taste–despite the cultural diversity, everyone’s taste is uniformly bland–they all want stainless steel appliances. what a surprise. These shows are all about social class and aspirational consumerism.

  2. I don’t care how much cultural, ethnic or sexual diversity the network has – if they have the word “Garden” in their name, yet they have no shows that involve the subject (especially when they used to have a slew of great gardening shows), the one thing they don’t have is credibility.

  3. I miss the gardening shows on HGTV too. The diversity is great though. And I have an alarming addiction to home buying or home renovating shows.

  4. The fleeting references to the garden on this channel typically involve guerilla gardening, where a team comes in and re-does what they refer to as an “outdoor living space.” There is always the obligatory removal of at least one mature tree for some trumped up reason, the installation of a water feature and tons of mulch and (yuck) landscape cloth.
    Do viewers come away with any gardening knowledge? Of course not. I think the whole point is to get them to buy more stuff from the big box store that sponsors the show.

  5. Yeah, I miss a lot of older shows that HGTV used to have, especially the gardening ones like Paul James, and the City Gardener. HGTV is really started to loose the design aspect too. All the shows are is people buying or selling homes. Really?? It makes me sick to see people my age (in their 20’s) buying half a million dollar homes. Or people walking into homes saying ‘oh, it doesn’t have granite or stainless steel’. I want to be educated about design and gardening rather than all the shows being about $$$$!

  6. A gardener is a gardener no matter what their sexual preference is.I bet gay gardeners miss the great shows just as much as everyone else.

  7. I’m told by an actress that when the Star Trek franchise announces a new project, the women and minority acting community (if not the entire range of technical & other behind the camera crews) get very excited, because they are much more likely to get work in decent roles.

    They haven’t done so well on the subject of LGBT characters, but they don’t denigrate them, for the most part.

    Occasionally, you get some interesting gardens and plant life, but that not being the focus, it’s not much.

  8. I don’t give a rodents A$$ if you are gay right wing left wing etc. That does not make you a gardener or a TV host.

    Shame on NPR for such an elitist move


  9. Yea for the diversity…Boo for some of the other. They had a show on about a week ago (one of those home selling shows)and the couple that was looking at the house wanted to demolish a beautiful greenhouse to install more patio space…Holy Crap!!!

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