My name is Stephanie Fleming and I am one of Albert & Rose Behnke’s grandchildren, Sonja Behnke Festerling’s daughter and the last family member working at the garden center.

I understand that there has been some conversation here and on other social media sites on Behnke Nurseries and their future.

Here are the facts:

My family has NOT sold the property. We do have a long time friend who owns a small % and will be helping us with the development of the property since we are not developers.

The property is going to be developed and most likely will be town homes. This will take awhile and has been in the works for a few years. A developer has not bought the property. We have had talks with different developers on what they feel the project will look like, but will be working with them together.

All of our employees were told in June of 2016 what would be happening and when we know a firm timeline we will let them and you, our customers know.

The best way to know what is happening is to join our free garden club which is how we plan to let people know what is going on when we know for sure. You can sign up in the garden center or online on our web site.

For now, we have our Spring plants and merchandise arriving daily. We are open and excited for Spring to arrive. We have been interviewing now for filling our Spring of 2019 temporary positions which we do at this time each and every year because we need the extra help. Everyone that we hire is aware that the position is temporary.

While I know this is very sad, things change and the bottom line is, it is time. My family is in their 80’s and while they would have loved to keep the nursery going, it is not to be.

The best way to find out any real information is to contact me directly at [email protected] I will be more then happy to talk to you on the phone or by email.

Please remember that this was not a easy decision for my family to come to. Also, besides this being hard to hear for you it is very hard on our terrific, loyal employees. Please keep this in mind when you stop in this Spring. Some have been with us for over 50 years and while some only a season or two, they too are dealing with this decision even though they have known for a few years.

We are so very proud of all the folks that have worked for us over the last 89 years and all our wonderful customers and friends. I hope to see those of you that still live in the area this Spring and hopefully when you stop by you will see that our garden center is still the best place to go for all your gardening needs. We would love for you to share your memories of Behnke Nurseries with us.

Thank you for all your support and friendship,
Stephanie Fleming
Behnke Nurseries, VP