Bossy Boots is coming to my Garden~!


Michele In five years, no Ranter has ever seen my garden, but that's about to change.  Michele is working in the D.C. area as I type and will be visiting me on Friday.  Says she's dying to see my garden. 

Which looks like crap. Like most gardens in late June.  Sigh.

"Bossy Boots" is a name recently bestowed on Michele, as you may recall.  I believe the word "cantankerous" was also used.


  1. I guess there’s one benefit of living in the Midwest–late June is a great time in the garden. Evening primrose, poppies, yarrow, roses, day lilies and true lilies, columbine, salvia, and veronica (and many more) are all blooming. The first tomatoes, eggplants, artichokes, and squashes are growing in the vegetable gardens. Everything is glorious!

    I’m sure Michele will love your garden. You are able to grow lots of plants that she cannot in NY. It’s always exciting to see someone else’s garden in another zone and what we wish we could grow and lust after. I hope she’s able to remind you of the beauty in your own garden, not just the to-do list.

  2. Susan we have seen pictures of your backyard woodland garden and Michele’s backyard lawn to vegetable garden makeover. Your front garden is of equal measure or better than her front bed and hell strip plantings and she never sweeps her sidewalk before taking pictures of the front. Sheesh. You have nothing at all to worry about from Bossy Boots.

  3. Christopher C is so right! I’m not a design person, I’m a cabbage grower. I come only to admire.

    And the trouble with sweeping the sidewalk is that you do it, and it just needs to be done again. Where is the satisfaction in that?

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