Look who else has an anniversary



In the last post I mentioned the recent 5-year anniversary of a particular green roof and sure, we're all pro-green roof here.  But it reminded me that this very blog went online exactly 5 years ago yesterday.  It was fun in that very first week – back when we used tiny photographs, I notice – and it's still fun.  Thanks to my Sisters in Ranting and thanks to our wonderful readers and commenters!

To celebrate, let's remember the last time the four of us were together – in Chicago last summer, mouthing off while intoxicated – thanks to bartender Mike Nowak here.  Good times!

Photo by Kylee Baumle.


  1. Congrats you guys on a great 5 year run! You’ve been at the forefront of the gardening spike we’ve all seen in the past few years. May each of you party hardy on your special day wherever you are!

  2. Happy Anniversary and Thanks for your entertaining and informative blog. For those of us who are new to “Garden Rant”, it would be nice to know which of you is which in the photo. We know which one is the bartender.

  3. I’m late catching up with congratulations, but I can tell you I have been enjoying your rants for three years. Before that I had never heard of a blog and you all continue to be an inspiration.

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