Michele swoons over Capitol Columns at the National Arboretum



Pictures must be taken!  Even without a single bloom in the shot.  (Here's one with cherry blossoms.)  You can just barely tell from here, but the acreage around the columns is meadow, not mowed.

Next, the columns up close.


These columns from the U.S. Capitol were deemed not substantial enough for the larger-than-expected Capitol Dome – it was a big honking design error! The solution was to remove them, which was done in 1954, and they were located here in 1984. 

  This link tells more about them.


  1. Now those are some really impressive objet trouves! Me, I have some old tiki torches I spray painted different colors in my yard.

  2. Jenn, the National Arboretum is way off in the Northeast part of DC, where hardly anybody can find it. Unfortunately, far, far from the Mall, where at least you can find the U.S. Botanic Garden, which is also wonderful.

  3. Hey in 200-300 years they should really be looking good. Planning a stop in DC later this year I will have to check them out.

  4. If a latticed roof-like structure was added, it’d be great for wisteria and other flowering vines…just wishing I had a pergola or an arbor for some.

    They sure are impressive columns, though.

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