Chicken Paintings!


Dolley3 Now that the book tour madness has settled down a bit, I'm hoping I'll get to pick up my paintbrush more often.   I always paint small–it's all I have time for–and the most expedient way to move them out of my attic and on to someone ele's wall seems to be eBay.  If you're interested, follow along on my blog.

I've also joined a very smart group of artists who have created a site called Daily Paintworks. They sell small, affordable paintings online every day. There's some fabulous work there, and it's encouraging to see artists finding their own way in this new and ever-changing economy. So do check that out, too.

One last thing–this is something else I used to do and have only recently revived–notecards of some of these paintings are available through Zazzle. I'll continue to post more images there over time, so do check back. Who knows–there might even be a calendar before Christmas!


  1. I can’t find a way to purchase a chicken painting! My mom has a “thing” for red, white and black chickens and roosters. I thought it would make a good present…

  2. Nicely done, Amy! I’m insanely jealous of your ability to write AND paint. I’ve got some aptitude for the writing bit, but I’ll never be able to draw/paint…….sadness.

  3. Jane, that is brilliant! The first one is hilarious. Poor Dolley would be horrified to be associated with such, erm, “interesting” fashion choices.

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