Front Yards are for Partying!


Especially front yards along July 4th Parade routes.  Here's a sampling of people-filled front yards in Takoma Park, Maryland yesterday morning.  The weather was perfect.

Note the swimming pools.



Okay, this one is actually a front porch and balcony party.IMG_3015


Even in a nonelection year, residents show their support for a local pol.



Now what's terrible for partying is the type of front yard I like best – all-garden with no lawn.  These people have even turned their hell strip into a perennial garden, shown here in the foreground. Lovely.

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Photo by Stephen Brown.


  1. You must have a big parade. Here the Hat and Gloves parade is at 8 am, modest in every sense. It is called the hat and glove parade because those are the only parts of their uniforms our vets can still wear.

  2. I visited a friend in Takoma Park once and I found that place extremely quaint and filled with ultra-friendly people … unusual for being so close to Washington DC.

  3. Thank you for posting these colorful, fun-filled photos! I feel like

    I attended all these wonderful get-togethers. Reminds me of the time I lived in the Old West End in Toledo, Ohio. Wonderful houses and a real neighborhood. These photos exude Summer happiness—-

  4. Love it. The people look very relaxed, happy and friendly and the homes are SO architecturally interesting. The quintessential cottage style garden in the last picture rocks!

  5. Great photos! Now, I’d like to disagree regarding the no-lawn front garden. My front garden has a seating area and enough open space – covered with the dreaded bark mulch – to add at least 10 more chairs. It all depends on how much you plant and how much you water….

  6. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I got excited to see all of the parties and felt like I was sharing in the joy. I also enjoyed the celebration of independence from traditional yards illustrated by these photos!

  7. Look at how nice and welcoming the homes with front lawn suited the public. This must be why lawns in context and proportion can be considered a rather pleasant landscaping element.
    who would da thunk ?

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