The Wild Artistic Implications of the New Google Image Search


I just love this post that Gen did at North Coast Gardening about horticultural uses of the new Google "search by image" feature. It searches based on an image, not on words, by sifting through other images to find similarities.  It's interesting when it works, but even more interesting when it doesn't work.  Look what a search for an orange carex turned up:

Carex pictures

Brilliant.  Go over there and read the whole post–it's terrific.


  1. LOL. Wow. How interesting that they can now search for similar images, but nothing very similar showed up.

    I personally would love to see some images similar to “orange carex.”

  2. Jennifer, what’s neat is that you can clarify the search by also typing in text to help guide it. So if you wanted to see more photos of grasses that are visually similar, you can type in ornamental grass after dropping your image in.

    I loved that I was able to find a hose to match a favorite flower color using this search function. Geeky but cool.

  3. Thank you, I think – I spent an hour playing with this last night. Got back some pretty wild stuff with horticultural images, but I have to say the best result was putting in a picture of my kitten and getting back Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother.”

  4. That is very cool. I especially love the mosaic tile pattern.

    Now can we talk about how ugly Google is now that it looks like Bing?

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