Turf is top topic in my town’s parade


You've seen the partying spectators for my town's July 4th Parade.  Now for the turf- and gardening-related floats and people IN the parade.


This group of reel-mowers have been at it for 15 or so years now, way ahead of the rest of the Lawn Reform movement.  I believe their official name includes the term "Precision Drill Team" because they, like the "World Famous Lawn Rangers" that inspired them, have a choreographed routine they're mighty proud of.


The float for the Coalition for Natural Sports Fields was a new one this year and they have no website, just a Facebook group. There we're told that the group is local to my county and composed of people fighting the threat of synthetic sports fields.  Since it's odd to see a pro-turfgrass demonstration these days, especially in this hyper-eco town, I naturally suspect that ChemLawn or a mow-and-blow trade group may be behind this, looking to improve their image and hold onto their sports-field business. I joined the Facebook group, wrote to the administrators for more info, and to date have received no response, so I'm standing by my cynicism.


IMG_3074 In the photos above and left, the local organic food co-op came out in force to encourage gardening, as well as ride-sharing, cycling, water pistols and all manner of good clean fun.

For one small town's parade, there seemed to be a whole lotta turf- and garden-related content.  Even here.

Finally, not specifically garden-related but still in the pro-environment vein, below is the parade's grand marshall – someone thoroughly deserving of this and any other honor that may be bestowed on him.  It's Mike Tidwell, head of Chesapeake Climate Action Network and an increasingly popular spokesman for doing something about climate change. 

As goofy as he looks here, believe me – he's unbelievably articulate, and his clear-eyed focus on stopping the building of MORE coal plants is right-on.  He makes my paltry efforts at making a difference seem, well, paltry.  Thanks, Mike, for making me feel bad about myself all you do.



  1. Great pictures – I love the lawn Rangers t-shirts. I just have one question. Maybe I missed something but the way I read your post, it sounded like you assumed that because there was a group that was pro lawn, that they were automatically suspected of being funded by ChemGreen? Really? You must not have ever had kids who played ball on artificial turf. I have no lawn at my house and I am a fervent proselytizer against the typical suburban overly fertilized and under used lawn, but I’ll stand up for real grass playing surfaces for my kids in a hot minute. The artificial stuff gets waaaay too hot and the injuries and “rug burns” that are common in kid sports are much worse on artificial surfaces. Did this group that you are focused on have other things going on that raised your hackles?

  2. Della, good to know! I’m always suspicious of the ChemLawns of the world, and then in this particular case also because they haven’t responded to my Facebook messages asking for information for this article.

  3. I’m lonely, and I’m bored. Are any of these reel men, lawn rangers, and/or garden shakers and movers single? I need a man with a good trowel. Even the goofy one will do.

  4. Just because a group is for natural turf you think it is a front by ChemLawn? Why cannot a group with opposing opinions be given the same benefit of a doubt you give to the fake lawn crowd? How large is the carbon footprint in the manufacturing of fake turf?

    The TROLL

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