Veg-growing in the city


More evidence that food-growing is hot?  DC’s first-ever tour of vegetable gardens, sponsored by a local food website.

First up, the only “farm” in town – Common Good City Farm, featured right here when Prince Charles visited this summer.

I loved the private backyard garden of photo editor Eva Hambach, who wrote to tell me her goal in taking up gardening was to “be outdoors as often as possible when I am not at the office.”  So she created a space for entertainment, exercising and experimenting with “green” concepts.  She grows a surprising variety of wildlife-attracting ornamentals and edibles, mostly in containers.

Another stop was the small garden center established by Frank Asher, posing here in his too-cool-to-care attire. Frank also works as a professional gardener, a business he calls Fairies Crossing (more proof that he’s too cool to care).

The hand sculpture is just one of many you see around town, the symbol of DC’s voting rights movement.  (What’s that, you ask?  DC residents have NO voting representation in Congress!)

Above, herbs growing in the garden of Sidra Forman, “chef, writer, speaker, florist, gardener and mom.”

This roof garden is a great addition to the services provided by Bread for the City to low-income residents.

Above in a view of the Marion Street Garden, notice the voting-rights hand in the center above the bicycle.  (See, they’re all over.)  This wonderful children’s garden is run by City Blossoms, whose Girard Street Garden was previously shown here on the Rant.

Finally, one homeowner built these raised beds in his front yard and made them look especially attractive, only to discover a serious impediment to veg-growing – full shade!  But hey, it’s the beginning gardener spirit that’s important, not the results.


  1. Wish all those folks and gardens were near me. Thanks for letting us see them and through your lens (lense?).

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