Worst Gardening Accident Ever


If there is a more painful and terrifying way to fall on your pruning shears, we don't want to know about it.

If you do not wish to see an x-ray and read a full account of what happened when this Arizona man fell in his garden, don't click this link.

He did survive.  We are grateful for that.


  1. Yikes! I worked Emergency Depts for years and saw all sorts of things in all sorts of places, but never anything like this! 86 and still gardening AND having a girlfriend with her wits about her calling 911- that’s one lucky guy on all counts!

  2. I’m trying to imagine how he fell in such a way as to get the handle to go in like that! Were the shears sticking straight up or what? Must have been quite a fall, and he is a very lucky guy!

  3. Perhaps someone should send the above link to the person who wrote the HuffPost article a week ago implying that gardening is for sissies… I think this gentleman proves you have to be pretty resilient!

    The scary thing is I can understand exactly how he did it–having come close to impaling myself on garden stakes while tripping about in my own garden. *shudder*

  4. Ok,

    He wins. I though my accident was bad. Last summer. On chemo. IN the garden on hands and knees watering. I stand up. I black out. I wake up and I’m holding the hose over my nose and mouth, breathing in water.

    It was the choking that woke me up.

    But he wins. Absolutely.


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