Another campaign to save another besieged garden


Another garden is under attack by law enforcement – but this time the gardener is a high school math teacher using the garden to teach his students all sorts of skills, from food-growing to soap-making and beekeeping.  You can guess what happened next – a story in the Memphis Flyer. And a petition. And probably News at 11.

Via Treehugger.


  1. Amazing. This guy is doing such good work & somebody (code enforcement ? or neighbor ?) decides that it must be stopped !?!

    As one of the comments below the story stated, you’d think Memphis, which is almost always on lists of unhealthy/overweight cities, would want to encourage this kind of thing.

  2. From the article, it seems to me that there is a neighbor with an ax to grind against this guy….I hope he can sort this out in a positive way, because what he is doing is exactly what our schools and communities should be doing. These kids are very lucky. Now they’ll learn something about local government, planning and their community–I hope what they learn is positive too.

  3. Still trying to figure out the “damned dirty hippies” comment…
    Anyway, his garden is less “overgrown” than my native plant oasis interspersed with raised beds for vegetables.
    Fortunately, I had the foresight to challenge my township’s weed laws and provide wording that protected ecological gardening and natural landscapes, which was accepted unanimously by my township supervisors. (In fact, one begged me to run for supervisor… as I seem to be one of only a handful of the 4,800 citizens in our township who does anything besides complain about taxes.)

  4. ok, who do we send an email to? I’d love to sink the email server to the “nattering nabobs” (Spiro Agnew’s one fine contribution to the english language) in the city government.

  5. You gotta read the comments after the article – someone survivalist ranting about the coming New World Order was the funniest thing I read in ages.

    I’ve had code enforcement cite me for hydrangeas drooping over the sidewalk, while my neighbors (no citation) have poison ivy at face height.


  6. You have to be kidding. Here is a teacher making a huge impact on some of his students. Which they can continue to pass their knowledge on. What is wrong with people?? If its not conformist isn’t isn’t right? Yikes!

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