Canada has anti-gardening laws, too!


Somehow we missed this one – a man in British Columbia facing up to six months in jail for turning a wasteland into a veg garden.  Here's the story on Treehugger.

I've "liked" the "Legalize Gardening" page on Facebook, just so I can keep up with these amazing developments.


  1. Just a couple of lyrics from the 60’s-

    “They paved Paradise, and put up a parking lot.”

    “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

  2. It occurs to me that there are still places on this continent that equate farming and growing food with being lower-class, while the lawn ‘n’ shrubs with a few color spots are considered to be “well-tended landscaping” and are equated with a “higher”social class and standard of living. My guess is that in these places, the women are still wearing shellacked, perm-fried hair and heavy eye shadow, while the men are wearing way too much after-shave. Just a guess.

  3. There aren’t enough WTFs in the world to cover the stupidity in these stories! A man heals the robbed earth (literally) he lives on and the government (to which he pays taxes) uses that very money to screw him over. Variations of this story are happening every day, all around us (it’s happening right now to my family with our city-owned monopolistic utilities company, the very same “heavy-handed, by the book” insanity). Government is too big and too stupid at almost every level. We have to change things to save ourselves and it’s going to take every single sane person out there rolling up their sleeves and getting involved–NOW.

  4. This is a new level of insane – there is no way this is an urban environment! A neighbor has horses & cows just down the road from him for cripes sake! The complaining neighbor would prefer to see a wasteland than a – gasp! – pile of manure ???

    I’m with Sandra – not enough WTFs in the world to cover this.

  5. What on earth?!?

    I understand that things need to go through the “correct” avenues, but the utilisation of dead and ugly space for something productive I believe should be encouraged.

    Even if this land ever does get allocated for some other use, it’s not like they will need to knock down an illegally-built apartment building…

  6. So, this property was formerly a sand and gravel. Just his 2.5 acres, or the entire area that is now zoned residential? Did his neigbor’s property look like this before they built their homes? After it was mined, was the zoning changed to residential? Was it zoned residnetial when he bought the property? Did he ever ask for a variance? Or did he just start doing his agriculture stuff and ignore the rules? I want the rest of the story!

    Zoning – people only like it when it applies to their neibghbors.

  7. Beaureaucratic ignorance at its very best. So a wasteland that is a) barren b) unproductive c)uncared for is turned into a plot of land that a) attracts wildlife b) produces food sustainably and c) is lovingly attended to and cared for.

    And this guy could be put in jail for this? Crazy crazy world we live in. With the population increasing and land mass shrinking, smattered with millions of wasted plots like this, hopefully this will become the norm in a few years to come.

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