I’m Sorry, Is Anything Better…


…than roasted homegrown red peppers with fresh mozzarella?

The advantage of moving my garden from Zone 4 to a balmy 5b is that I've actually already gotten multiple red peppers this season.  Generally, I count myself lucky to harvest just one or two.

And the first to redden up are none of those domestic varieties with 'Early' in their name, but a beautiful long pepper from Seeds from Italy, Marconi Rosso.


  1. I finally mastered the art of grilled eggplant sandwiches. For the luv of gawd this plant will never NOT be grown again. Flea beetles be damned! I’ll ignore the narrow Ichibans, its only full figured purple eggplants from now on. Well there was that solid green one years ago that had a slight cashew flavor… hmmmmmmm

  2. Those of us stuck in zone 4 turn green with envy when hearing of how easily you re-located to 5b. Where was your country garden located that there was such a big difference in zones?

    In Minnesota’s zone 4, the peppers have been coming ripe for a few weeks now, but slowly. Usually when the first hard frost hits, there are a slew of unripe ones on the sad little pepper plants.

    Even without a good pepper crop, I will always enjoy fresh mozzarella. usually with tomatoes and basil, which we have plenty of this year.


  3. Jeff Z, my country garden was a mere 45 minutes away, but on the other side of the Hudson River, at the bottom of the Green Mountains. The mysteries of climate.

    It was also, however, beautiful, huge with incredibly fertile soil, full sunlight, and mostly pest-free. Alas.

    I also love tomatoes and mozzarella. But here’s what I like about roasted red peppers–they are silky rather than watery. And they turn the mozzarella pink.

  4. I love to grow red peppers as they do not need a lot of feeding, especially once the fruits have formed. Harvest once the fruits turn from green to red and use sliced in salads or dice and freeze for use in casseroles.

  5. Just finished a grilled cheese sandwich with heirloom tomatoes on it … more tomatoes than cheese for sure. Great summer lunch. Next chance I get I’m going to make a grilled red pepper and eggplant sandwich, inspiration from the salad above!


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