Garden Bloggers: We’re Going to Asheville!


Fabulous, exciting, wonderful news.  The next Garden Bloggers Fling will be held in Asheville, NC from May 18-20, 2012.  And there's a new website that will serve as a sort of central hub for this and all future Flings, so be sure to bookmark that: 

Garden Bloggers Fling

We are beyond excited that longtime Friend of Rant Christopher C is inviting us to his corner of the world for the next Fling–although he's not doing it alone; there are always many bloggers involved in putting these things together.  As you probably know, this gathering began a few years ago in Austin, and has since been to Buffalo, Chicago, and Seattle.  It's organized entirely on a grassroots basis and has been extraordinarily successful.  So we do hope that you'll spread the word on your own blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc–and that you'll let the organizers know early if you're planning to attend.  They've reserved a block of hotel rooms and will be busy making other arrangements for which a head count would be useful.

And!  Sponsors!  These affairs always need sponsors.  I don't know what the local group in North Carolina is thinking about in terms of sponsorship, but if you're in a position to be a sponsor, I'm sure they'd like to hear from you.

We'll share more information as it comes together.  Meanwhile, get over there and check that out.  Oh, and there's a Fling Facebook group, too.


  1. Personally, the best reason to visit North Carolina is getting to see Christopher’s vegetable garden. Cannot wait!

  2. Oh Lord, the vegetable garden. I sure hope I have time to get to that Michele. Just kidding. I have mountainous piles of farm yard dung composting now that I will be adding next spring in addition to my wood chip mulch for the best roadside vegetable garden ever. Keep in mind though May 18th is only 3 days past our average annual last frost date. The summer crops will only be tiny babies.

    Amy as requested, thank you, there is a grab the badge for the Asheville Fling on the Fling’s blog now. I hear tell that the debut of a Wicked Plants traveling exhibit will be at the NC Arboretum when the bloggers are in town to visit. How cool is that? We could not have planned it better.

    Indeed I am not doing this alone. The planning team is awesome and has great local connections on a multitude of levels. The bloggers will get the full taste of Asheville well beyond our rich horticultural offerings.

    Asheville recently received the great distinction of being named a Cesspool of Sin. Dive on in y’all.

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