Nashville’s Cheekwood is good to the last drop


I recently visited Nashville for the first time and, like any avid gardener, made sure I saw its premier public garden while I was there. Without a doubt, that's Cheekwood Garden and Museum, a grand place that exists thanks to Maxwell House coffee money.  My regular brand.IMG_4544

On a glorious October day there was still plenty to see plant-wise and even flower-wise, but the fun was in watching kids enjoy this family-friendly place, complete with supersized train set and scarecrows on display (part of a school contest).



Overlooking the Japanese Garden.

Whatever this is, it's fun to play in.


No signs keeping people off the waterfall – lawsuits be damned!


Now for some eye candy, a/k/a garden porn – the best I can do with my $200 camera.




One of the best dwarf conifer collections I've ever seen.

Sometimes formality really hits the spot.


  1. It looks lovely. You did a great job with your $200 camera. If I ever get to Nashville, I will put it at the top of my list.

  2. For me, formality always “hits the spot”! Not sure why formal gardens get such a bad rap these days.

    Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing – I’m jealous here in rain starved Austin, Texas.

  3. I fly into Nashville when I go to visit my folks. Next time, I’ll have to make sure we stop @ Cheekwood for a little post-flight recovery/pre-flight relaxation.

    Formality is just as good for the soul as chaos. Each of us just needs different degrees of them (and all the variants in between).

  4. Wow, it’s so beautiful. At some point I will visit Tennessee and this is one place I want to see in person.

  5. Thank you–coleus and hosta do little for me, so I wouldn’t recognize them. Before I had a longish strip of moderate to deep shade, I didn’t even look at shade plants. Now i have lots of heuchera, a few ferns, and seeds for even more heuchera. I’d leave it bare, but the bare uncovered dirt is drifting too often into the adjacent pool, and the filter can’t handle that much dirt!

    Not sure what’s going on with the truly more-non-sequitur-than-me post from True Religion Outlet, but I think Garden Rant doesn’t really mean what they must think it does.

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