I’m off doing something holiday-ish


But where you should go is Lauren Scheuer's wonderful chicken blog, Scratch and Peck, to read this totally charming post about her chicken's feet.

I've written about Lauren before.  She's an illustrator, which is what makes her blog so wonderful, and she's a warm and funny person, as I learned when we finally met in person in Boston last year.

And I have been meaning to say this forever, and I wish I'd remembered before Christmas, but:  You can get some of her wonderful, whimsical chicken art in T-shirt form right here.  Good stuff.

Oh!  And!  You know where else you should go?

Over to Fine Gardening to check out Andrew Keys' latest podcast.  It's no longer called RadioGarden, it's now called Garden Confidential, but it's as clever and well-produced as ever. You'll get to hear the Fine Gardening staff sitting around being–well, being themselves. Pretty cool.


  1. Her blog is lovely and I am not a chicken person. Probably has something to do with being chased by guinea hens as a child and listening to my grandmother’s stories on life on the farm pre WW1. Chickens smell awful, never turn your back on the geese, and ducks are so dumb they just lay eggs as they swim in the pond and small girls had to go walking carefully in the pond feeling with their barefeet for the eggs.

    And as far as selling – Small time entrepreneurship is a good thing.

  2. I hope this is ok to ask this here, but I’m visiting you from a blog called Rural Women Rock. It is an ongoing series of rural women being “featured” as a way to inspire and learn from each other. We are looking for women to feature this spring. We have featured women blogging about all sorts of things, but we’ve yet to have a gardening blogger. We thought the spring would be the perfect time to introduce our ladies to some garden bloggers. I just came across your blog this evening. I would love it if we could feature a few of you ladies. You basically just tell your story and photos. We share all your links as a way to introduce our audience to you. It’s really a lot of fun. If this interests you at all, go nose around, and see what you think. Thank you!

    Kind Regards,
    Kasse D.

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