Beautiful No-Mow Yards – we have a winner!


Beautiful No-MowOur winner, chosen at random, is Kris Peterson in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.   Congrats to her and thanks to all the 157 people who entered to win. 

The book will be available in early February but can be ordered now from Timber Press, from any online bookseller or your local bookstore, if you still have one.


  1. Here’s a message from Evelyn about how to get the book:
    The book is going to publish in a couple of weeks, but you can pre-order it now from any online bookseller or from your local bookstore. (The Amazon page currently has a glitch, but I’ve notified them and it should be fixed in a couple days at most.)

    You can also support Timber Press by ordering it directly from them at this page:

  2. I will order my three copies from Timber Press since I want to support that great publisher. Three copies, you say? Yes, because MY garden is in the book. Can’t wait.

  3. Just a quick update that the Amazon glitch is now gone… pre-ordering the book is allowed once again. And Marte, your garden is lovely and I’m proud to share your great idea of mini-monocultures in the book!

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