For Sale: One Botanical Garden


photo: Garden Conservancy

In other bad news, UCLA is putting its Hannah Center Japanese Garden up for sale. That's right:  if you have a few million bucks, you can actually own this place.  The university needs the money, and they decided they couldn't continue to spend $140,000 per year to maintain a garden that is visited by 2000 people per year. 

And isn't used by any academic program.

The garden, according to this LA Times article, was donated to the university in 1965, back when times were good and it seemed like a no-brainer to agree to maintain it.  Now a court ruling has made it possible for the university to sell it.

The Garden Conservancy has raised the alarm about this situation. In this press release, they ask people to send an email and ask that the garden be kept open.  But as is always the case with these situations, no one wants to nominate some other program or property to get the axe.

And–I gotta say–it is really a shame that the garden didn't get used for some educational purpose. UCLA is a world-class university–was there no academic purpose to which a fine Japanese garden could have been put?

Discuss.  And hey, if you want to buy it, Coldwell Banker has the listing and it'll be live in a few weeks.


  1. Doesn’t UCLA have a hort program? Surely one of the affiliated schools does. Why couldn’t the care and upkeep be given to the students? If nothing else, it would make for a hell of a practicum.

  2. I suggest it be a project for their business school to find creative ways to keep it open. One would hope that if they can cover the annual maintenance cost, the university will keep it open. We are raising funds to build The Aloha Garden of Maui by selling engraved bricks and sponsorships. It could be a start. I’d love to see what their budding entrepreneurs would come up with.

  3. I’m also surprised that they couldn’t find a way to muster up the funds for keeping the garden open and running. Looks like a prime wedding ceremony site to me! 🙂

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