Groundcovers that can replace lawns in Landscape Architecture Mag



I've regularly praised Landscape Architecture Magazine, but I'm really loving it this month because of Linda McIntyre's article about alternatives to lawn. She's promoting the Lawn Reform Coalition's new searchable Flickr group for groundcovers that can be used en masse to replace lawn.  (And yes, that's my own lawnless former garden in the top two photos.)

In related news, the Association of Professional Landscape Designers has recently joined the Coalition in sponsoring this new project and we expect lots more helpful photos will be added to the Flickr group after their thousands of members are made aware of it.


  1. The flickr group on groundcovers is great – looking forward to more pics. I really like the idea of using prairie dropseed as a ground cover over a large area. I just wonder how much work it would be to keep stuff from sprouting up between the clumps of dropseed – especially in early spring, since dropseed is a warm season grass. I suppose you could fill in the gaps with early spring bulbs …

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