Meet Master Waterer Lorenzo


Master Waterer

One quick quote from Lorenzo:  "I loooove gardening."  Click here for the rest, or here to learn more about the awesome garden he waters.


  1. glad to see that the some kids are shown the way to take the environment more like a mother nature figure. Now to make the picture truly idyllic, Lorenzo’s mum should think of finding a way not to engrave in his mind that army patterned clothes are OK to wear as a child !

  2. I would have never learned to love gardening the way I do if it hadn’t been for a neighbor down the street. He always had a vegetable garden and always let me help pick the green beans. I loved it. It was like finding Easter eggs but I liked the taste ten times better than a boiled egg. Thank you to anyone who shares the joy of gardening with a young person. Kudos to you!

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