NWF Abandons its Deal with Scotts


NwfCiting the supposedly unexpected guilty plea by Scotts, the National Wildlife Federation has announced that it's severing ties with Scotts. In not mentioning the overwhelming condemnation of the deal by their supporters, NWF leadership has chosen to behave dickishly even in defeat.


  1. You’re right, the lack of honesty in the break with Scotts indicates that NWF would still be pursuing this “partnership” if it hadn’t blown up in their faces. At the very least, NWF needs a new leadership team at the top if it is to regain any credibility.

  2. I happen to agree, but I’m also inclined to grit my teeth and praise them for pulling back from the brink. Positive reinforcement ought to work on corporations, since they’re people now, right?

  3. Christopher, I know you CAN contain your excitement over “dickish” but if you’re having trouble, try substituting quiche for burgers. Keeps the testosterone in check.

  4. With CindyP. NWF has to make some amends in more ways than dumping the mildly-wounded Scotts. They simply did what Newt Gingrich did with his 1st & 2nd wives – dump them when they get sick. Watch for lots of slick talk & PR blitzes coming from NWF in the next few weeks.

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