Scotts MiracleGro and the National Wildlife Federation have Partnered Up


Almost two years ago we posted the news that the National Wildlife Federation was seeking input about possibly partnering up with various corporations, including such known wildlife-huggers as Ortho, Scotts Miracle-Gro and Spectracide.  Your comments were pretty darn negative, but seem to have gone unheeded.  Scotts DOES have tons of money, after all.

Here's the story.

After announcing the programs that Scotts will be funding, the company reinforces its "similarities" to NWF.

"During our support of the NWF's wildlife relief work in the Gulf of Mexico, we realized how many similarities our organizations shared – and started exploring ways to work together," said Jim Lyski, executive vice president, ScottsMiracle-Gro. "NWF offers a unique perspective that we believe can help shape our sustainability initiatives, and proactively engage thought leaders on constructively developing solutions to environmental and societal challenges. This partnership for us is about building a business that leaves our world better off than we found it."


  1. It would appear that NWF has followed Garden Writers to the ATM dba Scotts. Don’t care how you spin it, Scotts isn’t playing in the same game, and it makes me sad to see the selling of souls. That Scotts will now use these associations to provide “green” cover is nasty collateral damage.

  2. I love this blog. Long time reader, first time commenter! I have a friend who recently took a job with the Pesticide Action Network (PAN) and have been following their blog as well. Just wanted to share this network with readers and commenters as this post reminded me of the work they are doing (there isn’t a direct connection, but, like I said, it just reminded me and ID am trying to spread the word!).

  3. I’ve sent ’em feedback. They’ve lost my yearly donation, but I’m sadly aware that my piddly $50 a year isn’t much compared to Scotts.

  4. Just left my comments on NWF and the Habitat Facebook pages.

    Have to say, this doesn’t surprise me. I certified my backyard native plant garden as a wildlife habitat in the Spring. I have been inundated with solicitation mail from NWF since then.

    Last year I also started organizing to establish a Community Wildlife Habitat in Flatbush, the center of Brooklyn. This “partnership” destroys any reason to “partner” with NWF on any sustainability initiative.

  5. I was an NWF member for a few years. I dropped my membership a while back, just because I wasn’t clear on what NWF was doing that others weren’t. It’s saddens me to see NWF provide cover for Scotts in this way.

    I can understand that there is a need for many environmental organizations covering different aspects of the issue. This, however, seems to be one of those instances where an organization loses its ability to answer the questions: why do we exist? What do we do that no one else does?

    Instead of disbanding, such organizations try desperately to come up with ways of sustaining themselves, whether or not they fit with the original mission.

  6. I think its a sad day when National Wildlife federation joins up with a not so green organization. If you look at the overall situation it seems to me that Scotts, Monsanto, BASF and others are beginning to panic. They should as the end to them is coming.

  7. Perhaps this is an opportunity not recognize? If Scotts is going to parnter with NWF, then let’s have an “occupy Scott and NWF” event.

    From the comments in this blog, it is already happening – facebook, twitter. It can be done virtually. We know the power of the consumer and in this case, that power may be able to create a healthy and more responsive partnership.

    Spring planting decisions are being made now -use this an opportunity to improve this partnership. One idea is to use those research students and wildlife spaces to create benchmark activities. Recording quality of the soil, quality of the plants, wildlife activity, etc.. Use this blog and others to record finding and obsverations.

    The consumer created Scotts, they can certainly use it to their advantage to help the earth.

  8. You have to love that spokesman’s quote…that their partnership will:

    “proactively engage thought leaders on constructively developing solutions to environmental and societal challenges.”

    It’s like everytime he adds a word he says even less. So much drivel!

  9. I actually used Scotts as an example of a company NOT to support in my book coming out this spring, but my publisher took it out due to potential repercussions.

    Anyhow, Scotts will die in the end along with Monsanto. Fortunately, there are still lots of great organizations out there to support.

  10. I’d be highly surprised if Scotts “dies” any time soon. However, I do think that Scotts’ need to be endorsed by someone like NWF does indicate that the wildlife gardening/environmental message is getting out and companies like Scotts are worried. Prepare to tighten your belt and trim your company Scotts. NWF, I have withdrawn my support to you.

  11. Well, they answered my question. There’s nothing that we can do to convince them not to partner with Scotts. So there’s now nothing that they can do to convince me they’re not greenwashing for hire. I’m done with the NWF. At least the Nature Conservancy doesn’t keep trying to sell me crappy stuffed animals.

  12. Boom. This is done. Over. SMG in hot water now. NWF finally came to their senses and ended the relationship!

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