Cactomania: We Have a Winner!


Thanks, everyone, for your highly amusing comments on Scott Calhoun's post about his fine new book, The Gardener's Guide to Cactus.  I was just in Phoenix for a day, and I drove around with a genuine interest and curiosity about the cacti I saw, all thanks to Scott and his clever insights into them.

Anyway, our winner is Michelle at An Evidence-Based Garden, and y'all should really get over there and read her blog, which is just fascinating.


  1. yes, Michelle has a lovely blog, but i simply refuse to follow gardeners in the northwest. i’m happy for them and the great climate they live in – just can’t relate to them at all. i need to follow bloggers in places like Buffalo, where i can relate to the winters, and even sometimes feel better about my own gardening climate in SE Michigan.

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