Have You Peed on Your Garden Lately?


Decoding gardening adviceWell, why not?

Our favorite garden professor, Jeff Gillman, tells you how. 

Well.  Not how.  I'm pretty sure you know how.  He'll tell you why, though!

These and other amazing bits of information can be found in his clever and highly useful new book Decoding Gardening Advice, written with his co-author Meleah Maynard. We love the book; go check it out, and enjoy Dr. Gillman's advice.



  1. Great information. I wish it was as easy for women to gather their “soil amendments.”
    As an aside, I read Tina Fey’s book Bossypants this weekend and she wrote about a few of the writers at SNL who had cups/glasses of their pee in their offices! Needless to say, all were men. What is it with men loving to pee in containers? I know, I know, marking their territory. Sigh…

  2. Face it, ladies. If we COULD pee in a jar — wouldn’t we? I know I would. So satisfying, after years of camping, backpacking, hiking in the woods, and having to go off into the damned bushes to pee — squatting down. A friend of mine made up a rhyme for us to ponder as we go:

    No matter how
    you shake and dance
    the last drop always
    comes off in your pants.

    A second rhyme can be the second verse:

    No matter how
    you hop and spin
    your pants is where
    the last drop goes in.

  3. I use urine in my garden all of the time, both in my compost and as a fertilizer. I mix it with rain water. A large clean plastic quart yogurt container works well to catch it. I also buy 50 lb bags of horse alfalfa pellets and sprinkle those around too.–I think they cost about $10/bag here.

    They say whatever you put on the Internet stays FOREVER.–So now I’m branded for life as the weird woman who recycles her pee. 😉

  4. What could be better- free fertilizer a few times a day- and always at hand!

    Jeff Gillman spoke at the Minnesota Master Gardener class I took 8 or 10 years ago and was even funnier in person. And full of really good gardening advice. Glad to see he’s branching out into Youtube videos.

    I like to use this particular brand of fertilizer on my roses and fruit trees. It hasn’t burned anything yet- so I must be eating right.


  5. I bought this book to add to my collection of books written by Jeff. I met him a couple of years ago and he was impressed I had a firs edition of his first published garden book (perhaps it will become more valuable was the years progress). I guess I won’t be mad when my parents to visit and my dad wants to “water my plants”!

  6. I agree with the urine, somewhat agree on the rock phosphate, but cotton seed meal is mostly genetically modified and alfalfa is heading in that direction. These GMOs can still can still negatively impact the soil food web after they’ve been manufactured into fertilizers.

    Cool video, though.

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