Rose’s Garden: A $1.99 eBook You Won’t Want to Miss


Rose's garden

I'm thrilled to see that Algonquin has chosen Carrie Brown's beautiful novel Rose's Garden for their second round of $1.99 ebook promotions. This is a gorgeous book about a man left to cope with his wife's garden after her death. It's a sweet and tender love story, and she really nails the garden stuff. 

It'll be $1.99 through March 25.  Get it anywhere ebooks are sold, and if you're not sure where that is, go here to get direct links.  You can read it on your ebook reader, your tablet, your smartphone, or your laptop or PC–most of these platforms offer various apps and free software to make all that possible.

There are some other good titles on the list this time–I've read Heather Lende's IF YOU LIVED HERE, I'D KNOW YOUR NAME, and Dan Kennedy's ROCK ON, both of which are great fun.


  1. I’d love to read this, but I’ll have to wait till Amazon has more paper copies.–I just checked and they are out. I’m just not an e-book reader.

  2. I’m very glad to know about this book, but instead of purchasing a digital copy, one might check out a free copy from your local library. Instead of supporting the evil empire (sorry, I meant to say the publishing industry), you could save your money and buy plants instead.

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