1. My early blooming tulips up here in North Dakota finished up very early and very quickly as well. I’m wondering if this is a sign of a very warm summer.

  2. I would surely like to know where these pictures are taken. Even Michele’s bio does not say where she lives/gardens.

  3. Lookin’ good, Michele! Nancy and I have a perennial gardening business and will be finishing spring work at a client just up the street tomorrow. If you see our van, Indigo Iris Garden Design, stop and say hello. We would love to see you. I have recently rediscovered your Rant (I recall a blog named Sign Of the Shovel going back to 08′ or 09′) It has been GREAT reading you and your fellow contributors. We both read (and passed around) your Garden Design article, All About Roots. THAT was a very exciting subject and so well written. Now, the word rhizosphere is a part of my gardening vocabulary and helps me describe for our clients the complexity of what’s ‘goin’ on underground’. Thank you.

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