Potted dog, anyone?


Photo credit.   Via Cute Overload.


  1. The brown of the variegated hound picks up on the warm tones of the pot and connect with the surroundings by matching the swaths of brown grass in the background. The result is a surprisingly effective combination.

  2. Did anyone else see the greeting card with a photo of a kitten sitting in a clay flowerpot? Inside it says, “For your birthday, I grew you a cat.” Love it!

    • Little Sister sent me that one several years ago (she, Mother and I all being Cat Women) – Yes. Adorable.

    • Unfortunately, this species can get a little wild and crazy and be borderline invasive if allowed to reproduce. Most likely this lovely specimen has been sterilized as per recommendations. You can purchase plants from the same strain from expensive breeders or less expensive hybrids at places called “shelters” or “humane societies.”

    • Treat like a tropical — bring indoors for the winter. Needs regular food and water year-round. But responds well to short stints outside on sunny days.

  3. Sheesh, what a life! In my next life, I want to be born as a dog on Nantucket (cliche), BUT, with the caveat that I spend my days with the human most likely to indulge me. 🙂

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